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$4,000 makerspace will be added to the Camden-Carroll Library

Makayla Holder, The TrailBlazer

The Morehead State University library plans to invest in a community accessible makerspace.

Camden-Carroll Library will be adding the makerspace to the first floor where the Aramark Café used to be. The project will bring 3D printing equipment to the whole community rather than a select few.

“It solves a few problems I think and opens up a few doors because around campus there are already some 3D printers and facilities like it in the Art Department and engineering where you can have access to different tools and equipment, but it’s usually only reserved to people in those programs,” said Joe Schubert, a Library Associate in the Learning Technology Lab.

It will cost roughly $4,000 and will supply the library with three to four 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, a heat press and basic supplies along with furniture. The space will be paid for with a Fiscal and Administrative grant that MSU received last year, according to David Gregory, the Dean of Library Services.

The original plan for the makerspace allotted $3,000 for the project and accounted for the supplies, furniture and 3D printers according to Schubert.

However, after discussing the idea with student workers, the faculty decided to add the vinyl cutter and heat press to allow students to craft items or shirts easier.

“Most people before they go there [Innovation Launchpad] don’t know if they want to start a business or something with their ideas," said Rodney Watkins, the Coordinator of Public Services. "If they just want to dip their toe in the water it’s a little easier.”

They hope to have a soft opening around the middle of spring and a hard open by next fall.

It will run much like Document Services in Allie-Young, however a price has not been set for the use of the equipment and students will be expected to supply the vinyl for their projects.

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