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Power Companies Meet Customer Demands During Cold Weather

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Electric power use by customers of Kentucky Utilities could reach record levels by the end of the week if frigid temperatures persist, that’s according to KU’s Media Relations Manager Cliff Feltham.

The bitterly cold weather is increasing demands on the utility’s system.

Feltham says KU & LG&E have been able to meet customer demands without any problems. So far, there have been few power outages and they’ve all been brief.  He says if bitterly cold temperatures linger through the week, KU customers could set new records for electric consumption.

Meeting the increased demand for electricity over the past few days hasn’t created any difficulties for Fleming-Mason Energy, which buys its electricity from East Kentucky Power.

According to Fleming-Mason’s Chief Executive Officer Joni Hazelrigg, crews have only experienced a few service disruptions and they’ve been short in duration.

Fleming-Mason Energy has been able to keep pace with increasing demands for electricity during the current cold snap and the utility’s CEO is hoping it stays that way. Hazelrigg says customers are using more kilowatt hours because they’ve raised their thermostat settings and many are using space heaters to stay warm but that hasn’t posed any problems.

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