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Bluegrass Pipeline Funding Suspended

The State Journal

The companies behind the project say they are suspending funding on the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline for now. 

Stan Horton, the CEO of Boardwalk Pipeline Partners told investors on an April 28 conference call, that his company along with Williams Company had failed to generate enough customer interest in the project.

“We continue to have discussions with customers, but again, over the past 12 months, we’ve had these discussions with customers and we have not been able to get commitments. That’s why we decided that we were no longer going to fund the capital,” said Horton.

Horton says his company is still having discussions with potential liquid natural gas customers.

“The Bluegrass and Moss Lake projects are not dead. We are no longer funding any capital for those projects, but the joint venture between us and Williams is still in place,” added Horton.

The Bluegrass Pipeline project has proven to be a controversial one. 

Earlier this year, it sparked debate in the general assembly over the ability of private companies to use eminent domain to secure right-of-ways from reluctant property owners.  The project has long-been opposed by environmental groups and some property owners.

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