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Ashland Store Closings

Two Ashland stores that have been fixtures in the downtown area for decades are closing at the end of the year. Parsons Furniture Store on Winchester Avenue and J&S Jewelry on 16th Street are shutting down their businesses.  Parsons is being forced to vacate the building it occupies because the new owners of the structure have other plans for the facility. J&S is simply going out of business because members of the family-run operation have developed other interests.

Ashland City Commissioner Marty Gute says there’s no reason to be discouraged by the closures. He says new businesses, like Dick’s Sporting Goods and PetSmart, have opened in the Melody Mountain Shopping Center and Kohl’s will open a new department store there next year…

Gute says Ashland’s Towne Center Mall is also thriving. He says, compared to many other cities, Ashland businesses are doing well.