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E-911 Wireless Funding Discussed


The Kentucky League of Cities and Association of Counties are urging state lawmakers to increase the user fees on wireless phones to pay for local 911 emergency operations centers. The KLC’s Tyler Campbell says the fee has been the same for the past 15 years.

“The 70 cent statewide wireless 911 user fee has not changed since 1998 and I think it’s important to note, the aim of that is not to capture new revenue, but really to recapture funds that have been lost as more and more subscribers move from wire lines to wireless devices.” –Tyler Campbell

Shelby County’s judge executive told a legislative panel in Frankfort Thursday (October 10) that his county has lost 140-thousand dollars from assessments on land lines to fund 911 services over the past five years.

In the meantime, Rob Rothenberger says the county received 19-thousand dollars from fees on wireless phones. He says that’s not a good trade-off.

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