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CTI Plant Expands in Bath County

An Idaho-based company is expanding its Bath County plant, investing 44-million dollars in the project and hiring additional workers. Governor Beshear was on hand for today’s announcement by Custom Food Products of Owingsville.

He calls it a special day…

"200 jobs for our people, that's what makes it special. You know, it's easy to say that number 200, but when you think of what that really means, that's 200 of our families who are going to be able to feel much more confident about supporting their families, and keeping a roof over their heads, and food on the table, and sending their kids to school, and having that great quality of life that we all strive for." - Steve Beshear   

The new jobs will bring employment levels at the Owingsville plant up to 350. Custom Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTI Foods, which operates other facilities in Pennsylvania, Texas, Idaho and California.


The creation of 200 jobs in Owingsville is especially pleasing to the city’s mayor. Gary Hunt says that’s because the community suffered quite a blow when Cintas Corporation closed its Bath County plant a few years ago…


"In this same plant that we are standing at right now...back in 2009, it closed and we lost 235 jobs at that time. That's what makes this ground we are standing on today, and this day, so important...we are going to replenish almost all of those jobs." - Gary Hunt

Hunt says he’s confident other investments in the region will follow the CTI expansion.


​Custom Foods/CTI President Bobby Horowitz says one of the reasons his firm decided to expand its Owingsville operation is because of the region’s educational system and the availability of a skilled workforce. State Representative Sannie Overly represents Bath County in the Kentucky General Assembly.

She says that was good to hear but it’s no surprise…


"One of the things we've come to know from people who are looking at investing in our state, is they're looking for an educated workforce...and time and time again, Kentucky's workers are meeting that challenge." - Sannie Overly

Custom Foods/CTI makes processed beef, pork, turkey and other products for foodservice chains in North and Central America. Arby’s is among its biggest customers.