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MSPR kicks off spring fundraiser at Sawstone

Morehead State Public Radio kicked off their spring fundraiser at the Sawstone Brewing Company on Saturday with “Brews and News.”

The 2020 Spring Fundraiser and Membership Drive for MSPR offered a night of trivia and live music for the patrons at Sawstone. News Director Leeann Akers said she hoped the event would create some excitement about MSPR and its annual fundraiser.

“Basically, we just want everyone to come down and try and have a good time” said Akers. “Because this is a celebration, and hopefully people will come down and support Morehead State Public Radio and Sawstone Brewing Company.”

The money donated at the event and during the fundraiser will go towards the student work-study program at MSPR, which is funded purely by supporters who pledge membership

“Somewhere between $15 and $20 thousand,” said Paul Hitchcock, the General Manager of MSPR, when asked on a monetary goal for the fundraiser. “We would love to raise $20,000. If we raise $15,000 we’d be really happy, because that’s on average per semester to pay our work-studies.”

MSPR’s primary radio station, WMKY (90.3 FM), operates on the campus of Morehead State University. The station hosts programs from NPR, along with original content from local news to cultural programs and music. 

“We’re down the middle as far as you can be,” said Akers. “We make sure that both sides of every story are told, we make sure that we have very balanced news coverage, which is something you can’t find with a lot of the other places.”

While the fundraiser’s main focus is on the student work-study, funds also go towards grants to pay for national programming.

The 2020 Spring Fundraiser and Membership Drive will continue until March 6.

Those who wish to support MSPR and its student work-study program can become a member or renew their membership at http://www.wmky.org or call 606-783-2001.

“We wouldn’t be here without the students,” said Hitchcock. “That’s how I started back in 1981, as a student, and I learned from hands-on. I’m grateful for that opportunity, and we’re going to give back.”

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