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Odd Numbers: Instrumentals

The Piano Guys

Odd Numbers: Instrumentals

(February 7 @ 9pm; February 8 @ 4pm)

1. “Who Let The Dogs Out”, The Singing Dogs

2. “Bad Blood”, Funny Cats

3. “Eye of the Tiger”, Camille and Kennerly

4. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, Celtica Pipes Rock!

5. “Dueling Pianos”, Tom Willett

6. “I Love Rock ‘n Roll”, The Dueling Fiddlers 

7. “I Will Survive (Disco)”, Jean Harduin

8. “Live and Let Die”, Rockabye Baby!

9. “Flight of the Bumbleuke”, Ukulele Bartt

10. “Bohemian Rhapsody”, TheRealSullyG

11. “The Panic Button”, Edgar Allen & The Po’ Boys

12. “Cello Wars”, The Piano Guys

13. “Enter Sandman”, The Boys of County Nashville

14. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, 2Cellos

15. “Party in the USA”, 8-Bit Universe

16. “Monster Mash”, 8-Bit Universe

17. “That’s Owl, Brother!”, The Nutty Squirrels