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MSU Sophomore Art & Design Exhibition, February 6-20

Morehead State University

Eagle students get invaluable education, guidance, studio time and experience through the years they spend in MSU’s Department of Art & Design. They also get a chance to exhibit their work to fellow students, faculty, staff and the community...sometimes for the first time ever.

Many times, this takes place thanks to MSU’s annual Sophomore Art & Design Exhibition. The 2019 show, “In the Making,” will be on display at the Golding-Yang Art Gallery from Feb. 6-20.

Participation in the Sophomore Art & Design Exhibition is mandatory for all art and design students.

This year, approximately 30 students will each present a curated selection of four to six pieces they have created at MSU in 100-level and 200-level classes. At the conclusion of the exhibition, they will also meet with MSU faculty from the Department of Art & Design to discuss their experience and their work.

Jennifer Reis, director of the Golding-Yang Art Gallery and art instructor, said preparing for and presenting at this showcase almost always proves to be enlightening and encouraging to these developing student artists.

“This is the first time that many of them have had the opportunity to choose and have a display of their artwork in a professional setting,” Reis said. “The annual MSU Sophomore Art & Design Exhibition gives students an opportunity to prepare work for professional display, as well as reflect with faculty on their college journey thus far and future intentions for the final two years of coursework.”

For more information about MSU’s Department of Art and Design, call 606-783-2766 or visit http://www.moreheadstate.edu/art

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