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Roberto Perera


Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program #208 (June 10 at 8:00 p.m.)

Roberto Perera’s romance with the Paraguayan harp began back in 1964 when the 12-year-old aspiring musician enrolled at the Conservatory of Modern Music in his hometown of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Perera’s multicultural beginnings no doubt played a part in his decision to embrace the 36-string Paraguayan harp and transform the native Latin American instrument to incorporate the influences of Latin, Pop, Jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music. The transformation of this humble, handcrafted harp from its folk origins into one of contemporary instrumental music’s most commanding voices has been nothing short of magical. 

Perera’s professional career was set in motion in 1973 when Perera moved to the United States to fulfill a life-long dream. Perera’s point of entry was New York City where, he paid his dues before moving to Miami, Florida in 1976. Roberto quickly gained status as one of the hottest musicians in town.

Perera earned a reputation  as a pioneer of the electro-acoustic harp. In 1994 this established artist was awarded Billboard’s Best Contemporary Latin Jazz Album of the Year. In 2003, Perera what nominated for a Latin Grammy. His music consists largely of change: shifting and combining musical types, rapidly improvising rhythms and creating a unique blend that is both exotic, irresistible and uplifting.

He has shared the stage with artists like Spyro Gyra, Yellow Jackets and Tito Puente, as well as recorded with Paquito de Rivera and Raul Di Blasio, just to name a few. Perera continues to choose the best players in perfecting his arrangements.

(provided by Roberto Perera)

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