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'Kentucky Memories: Memory Paintings by Kentucky Folk Artists' on display at KFAC


Morehead State University’s Kentucky Folk Art Center has announced its newest exhibition, “Kentucky Memories: Memory Paintings by Kentucky Folk Artists.” 

The exhibition will remain on display through March 29. 

Kentucky Memories features more than 30 paintings by ten different folk artists, including Joan Dance, Charley Kinney, Helen LaFrance, Hagan McGee, Janice Harding Owens and Hugo Sperger. 

All the works in the exhibition were drawn from KFAC’s permanent collection. 

“As has been said, we don’t remember days, we remember moments,” said Matt Collinsworth, KFAC director. “That’s what a memory painting does. It tries to recapture, preserve or make new some moment that the artist experienced, a moment that the artist feels will connect in some way to the viewer. How that moment has been changed through time or through the artist’s rendering, we can only guess, but the paintings in this exhibition are all powerful representations of how memory serves as an artist’s strongest resource and how we are changed by sharing those memories.” 

Kentucky Folk Art Center is a cultural, educational and economic development service of Morehead State University. The Center is open Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Additional information is available by calling 606-783-2204 or visit www.kyfolkart.org.