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Downtown Lexington (Re)Turns Back Time

The Kaintuckeean

One of the few remaining tall street clocks in the country is back in its spot along Main Street in downtown Lexington. 

For 80 years, the Skuller ’s Street Clock promoted the family-owned jewelry store. However, a few years ago, during preparations for the World Equestrian Games, the historic clock was removed for repairs.

Lexington Historic Preservation Office Director Betty Kerr says the clock was taken to Verdin and Company of Cincinnati.

There are not a great many of them surviving today.  We know of about 50, but given that they made hundreds and hundreds of them back in the day, that’s a wonderful thing to have that many.  We’re delighted to have this one as one of those.” –Betty Kerr

Company spokesman Tommy Verdin, who’s family still owns the company after six generations, says they tried to preserve the clock’s authenticity.  Verdin says it the Skuller’s Street Clock now looks much the same as it did in 1931. The clock was put back into place on Tuesday (September 17).  

A “Reset the Clock” ceremony is planned this Friday evening (September 20).

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