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Ashland Officials Support Non-Profits

Trip Advisor

Ashland city commissioners voted 4 to 1 on Thursday (August 8) to provide subsidies of more than fifty thousand dollars to various non-profit organizations in the city. Cheryl Spriggs cast the lone dissenting vote.

She calls herself a supporter of the work those groups do in the community, things like arts programs and festivals. However, Spriggs doesn’t believe those efforts should be underwritten with taxpayers’ money.

“The people sent me to be a good fiscal steward of their money, this is not my money. I don’t think it’s my decision to give it away like that. If people want to support these entities, they have every right to do that. It’s not my decision to support it for them.”  --Cheryl Spriggs

Commissioner Larry Brown voted for the appropriations. However, he says he had to ask himself some key questions first.


“Number one, can we afford to continue to do this and is it our job and our responsibility…legally. Also, if we do provide these contributions or funds, then they must be completely transparent with what they do with the money and if we ask questions, they have to answer them.”  --Larry Brown

The largest payments are going to the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center and Poage Landing Days. Each is receiving sixteen thousand dollars.