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Fishing Tournaments Exceeding 25 Boats at State Park Ramps or Marinas Must Register with Ky Parks

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

Fishing tournament sponsors who launch from a ramp or marina at a Kentucky state park must first register the tournament and obtain a permit if more than 25 boats participate.


These larger tournaments must register through the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ Online Tournament Schedule site and obtain a permit from the Kentucky Department of Parks. 


“This announcement is a request from the Kentucky Department of Parks to remind fishing tournament organizers of this regulation and register on our tournament scheduling site,” said Jeff Ross, assistant director of Fisheries for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “They must register with the Kentucky Department of Parks for a special fishing tournament permit within 15 days of registering the tournament on our site.”


Ross said users of the state park ramps for tournaments larger than 25 boats must follow procedures specific to state park ramps. “It helps the Department of Parks prepare for large tournaments held on their facilities and avoid ramp conflicts,” he said.


Contact the Kentucky Department of Parks at 1-800-255-7275 to obtain a special use permit. The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Tournament Scheduling site is located online at fw.ky.gov. Search under the keywords, “Tournament Fishing.”


Story provided by: Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife