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MSPR Debuts Pickin’ Parlor

Anabel Peterman
Sarah Mitchell
Anabel Peterman

Morehead State Public Radio is pleased to announce a new two-hour program of acoustic-based traditional, folk, bluegrass, country, and Americana music.

Locally hosted by Anabel Peterman, “Pickin’ Parlor” can be heard on Sunday afternoon and joins other new weekend programs, including “Folk Alley,” “High Country Celtic Radio,” and “The Midnight Special.”

Currently studying Traditional Music at Morehead State University, Peterman has worked at Morehead State Public Radio (MSPR) since 2022 and has performed with the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music (KCTM).

“I’ve participated in old-time, bluegrass, country, and songwriter's ensembles at KCTM,” commented Peterman. “My main instruments are voice and bass, but I also play mountain dulcimer and guitar.”

Peterman says growing up in Kentucky, she has been surrounded by bluegrass and country music. Her experiences at KCTM have helped her appreciate the culture and history of the music.

“I’ve truly immersed myself in Appalachian and folk music through KCTM. I've learned about the rich tradition of folk music and musicians as storytellers,” says Peterman. “I love telling my stories and I want to share the stories of musicians.”

Working as a student news reporter and audio announcer at MSPR, Peterman is thankful for the opportunity to host her own weekly music radio program.

“I didn't realize these opportunities existed. I'm so grateful to all my mentors and friends at MSPR and KCTM,” commented Peterman. “I especially wish to thank Michelle Wallace (retired host of Bluegrass Sunday) for mentoring me through this process.”

Peterman looks forward to carrying on the rich tradition of locally-hosted music programs on MSPR by presenting a wide array of acoustic-based Americana music on “Pickin’ Parlor.”

“I have a special appreciation for the entire folk and acoustic umbrella, so I hope to feature a wide variety of acoustic music,” says Peterman. “I hope to share classic songs, ballads, and regional singers and songwriters, tunes from the 18th century to today, and everything in between.”

“Pickin’ Parlor” with Anabel Peterman debuts on Morehead State Public Radio (WMKY) on Sunday, September 17, from noon to 2 p.m.

WMKY serves more than 20 counties throughout eastern Kentucky from the campus of Morehead State University. Listeners can enjoy WMKY at 90.3FM, online (www.wmky.org), by phone app, or smart speaker (“Play WMKY”).