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Two Kentucky Transportation Cabinet highway safety improvement projects on US 60 and KY 32 in Rowan County will require temporary road closures next week.

US 60 closed Tuesday, June 18 @ Lakeside Christian

Beginning at 6 a.m. Tuesday, June 18, contractors will close US 60 near Lakeside Christian Academy (milepoint 5.4) to trench across the roadway and install a new drainage system underneath it. The road will remain closed to all traffic for at least 12 hours, or until work is complete.


Contractors expect to start a $1.8 million Transportation Cabinet highway safety improvement project on KY 158 in Rowan County next week.

The project includes several types of safety enhancements such as tree removal and roadside slope reductions for better crash recovery, culvert extensions to widen roadway shoulders, new highway signage, and curve revisions that will add banking in several areas, as well as ditch work and other maintenance.

The work will take place on KY 158 between the Fleming-Rowan county line and the KY 32 intersection, from the 0 to 3 mile markers.


A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet bridge painting and repair project totaling nearly $2 million will start next week along I-64 in Carter and Rowan counties.

Contractors will begin joint repairs Tuesday, April 9, or Wednesday, depending upon weather, on the I-64 bridges over the Little Sandy River east of Grayson.

Motorists should expect one-lane traffic across the bridges – the right lane will close first, followed by the left lane – during work hours, approximately 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day.


Contractors will improve five northeast Kentucky highway bridges through a $700,000 state Transportation Cabinet project now under way.

Improvements include a new concrete driving surface and waterproofing on the following bridges:

Fleming County: the KY 3304 bridge over Rock Lick Creek (milepoint 2.7)

Lewis County: the KY 59 bridge over Dry Run Creek (milepoint 23)

Lewis County: the KY 377 bridge over Kinniconick Creek (milepoint 8.5)

Greenup County: the KY 7 bridge over Little White Oak Creek (milepoint 3.6)


During Tuesday’s Greenup Fiscal Court meeting, an official from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Department of Rural and Municipal Aid announced $539,077 in discretionary funds for vital resurfacing work on Brush Creek Road and on parts of Plum Fork Road.

Resurfacing repairs address existing surface cracks, potholes, rutting, crumbling shoulders and base failures. These funds support Governor Matt Bevin’s commitment to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects and increase economic opportunity across the Commonwealth.


Work is starting on a $1.4 million highway improvement project along 5 miles of Christy Creek Road (KY 32) in Rowan County.

The work includes sight-distance improvements, new drainage pipes and culverts, and new blacktop on KY 32 from US 60 at Morehead (milepoint 8.5) east to Veterans Lane (milepoint 13.6), which is about a mile west of KY 3318-Open Fork.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

As part of Governor Matt Bevin’s commitment to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects and increase economic opportunity across the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is pleased to announce $133,000 in discretionary funds have been awarded to the Fleming County Fiscal Court for vital resurfacing work on Anderson Branch Road. Resurfacing repairs address existing surface cracks, potholes, rutting, crumbling shoulders and base failures.


Contractors will close US 60 just east of the KY 211 intersection in Salt Lick overnight Wednesday for drainage pipe installation.

Beginning at 9 p.m. Wednesday night, Sept. 5, crews will close US 60 to all traffic near milepoint 16.5 on the Farmers side (east) of KY 211 at Salt Lick to cut through the road and install a drainage pipe. The road will remain closed until 5 a.m. Thursday morning, Sept. 6.

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This summer’s not only bringing high heat, but also nearly $8 million in new blacktop and other state highway repairs to northeast Kentucky.

In May and June, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet awarded 18 contracts for road and bridge work in Bath, Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Nicholas and Rowan counties totaling $7,628,196.55.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Kentucky’s 2018 Highway Plan will prioritize spending on more than 1,000 bridge repairs and 5,000 miles of pavement improvements over the next six years.

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Interstate motorists should watch for lane closures along 10 miles of I-64 in Bath County during the next several months for a $1.2 million bridge painting project.

Beginning Saturday, March 3, contractors will close one lane of I-64 westbound across the I-64 bridge that spans Slate Creek at mile marker 118 while crews paint the steel beams underneath.

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced that highway repair projects in Mason, Lewis and Carter counties have received $360,690 in Rural Secondary Emergency Funds.

In Mason County, $19,500 will be used for flood damage and storm debris removal costs on Germantown Road (KY 3056) along Lawrence Creek. This is a 25 percent match on a federal Natural Resources Conservation Service grant.

In Lewis County, $158,950 will be used for slide repair costs on KY 989 (Salt Lick Road) about 2.5 miles east of the KY 3310 intersection.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has approved $75,000 to temporarily support and stabilize the Dover Covered Bridge in Mason County.

In late July, a flash flood severely damaged the historic wooden bridge when thunderstorms dropped more than 7 inches of rain across the region. Lee Creek rose out of its banks and washed away two 12,000-pound steel support beams from under the bridge. Floodwater also shifted its truss off foundations and peeled away blacktop on the road at either end.

State highway improvements will continue across northeast Kentucky next week, the week May 29, and will include some traffic impacts through the Memorial Day holiday.

At Catlettsburg in Boyd County, the Kenova bridge that carries US 60 across the Big Sandy River to West Virginia is one lane with traffic controlled by temporary signals as contractors replace old pavement with a new driving surface. The lane under construction is impassable, so traffic restrictions cannot be removed for the holiday.


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews will begin treating for noxious and nuisance weeds throughout the state this month.  The treatments aid in controlling the spread of undesirable plants along state highway rights of way.

The cabinet, in accordance with KRS 176.051, targets Johnsongrass, Giant foxtail, Canada thistle, Nodding thistle, Common teasel, Multiflora rose, Amur honeysuckle, Poison hemlock, Marestail, Japanese knotweed, and Kudzu.


Motorists should watch for lane closures on KY 32 at the I-64 overpasses in Rowan County next week as part of a highway improvement project.

Beginning, Tuesday or Wednesday, March 7 or 8, depending on weather, crews will remove old, loose concrete on the interstate overpass bridge piers alongside KY 32 at Morehead to safeguard passing traffic and prepare the piers for future concrete patching. There are no structural issues with either of the interstate overpasses or the support piers.

Kentucky Department of Transportation

Highway crews plan to upgrade the US 60 and KY 519 traffic signal at Morehead next week, Tuesday, Sept. 27, to provide new flashing yellow arrow indicators.

On Tuesday morning, motorists should watch for brief lane closures and delays during new signal installation.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The eastbound exit ramp from the Mountain Parkway to KY 30 will be closed through 9 a.m. Monday, September 12.

The closure will allow crews to remove the existing ramp and build a new one. Signs and message boards will alert travelers of the closure.

Eastbound vehicles needing to access KY 30 may use the KY 7 interchange (Exit 75), re-enter the Mountain Parkway heading west and then exit onto KY 30.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Arrows will point the way to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet traffic changes in the Morehead area this week.

On Cranston Road (KY 377) approaching the KY 32 intersection, crews have installed new arrow markings on the pavement to create dual left-turn lanes.

Kentucky Department of Transportation

Contractors will temporarily close KY 435 on the Fernleaf-Germantown side of the AA Highway intersection for the next four weeks.

On Thursday, April 14, the road will be barricaded near milepoint 0.6, just south of the AA Highway (KY 9), and the following detours established:

-Northbound KY 435 thru traffic from the KY 10 intersection at Fernleaf must use KY 10 to the AA Highway (KY 9), then take the AA (KY 9) north to access KY 435 toward Minerva.

Kentucky Department of Transportation

Contractors started replacing asphalt with concrete pavement today at the KY 7 and east I-64 intersection in Grayson, which will mean lane closures for the next several weeks.

Current traffic changes include restricting all northbound (from Grayson toward I-64) vehicles to one lane on KY 7 (Carol Malone Boulevard). Through the week of March 21, all KY 7 traffic shifts into the right lane near Interstate Drive and Love’s truck stop. And, the eastbound I-64 on and off ramps (Exit 172) are one lane.

Northeast Kentucky motorists should watch for continuing work zones on several state highways over the holidays and winter months.

Construction is ongoing for major projects on KY 32 in Nicholas County, I-64 in Carter and Rowan counties, at US 23 and KY 693 intersections in Greenup County, on KY 7 in Elliott County, on US 60 and KY 2 in Carter County, on KY 1722 in Rowan County and elsewhere.

KY 32 in Nicholas County

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With salt stockpiled and snow removal priority routes established, Kentucky Department of Highways District 9 crews are once again ready for winter weather duty.

At this time, District 9 has about 22,000 tons of salt and 75 snow plows, salt spreaders and other equipment on hand across Bath, Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Nicholas and Rowan counties to keep 2,000 miles of state highways passable during inclement weather.

Group Seeks Ban on Highway Signs

Nov 9, 2015
Jason In Hollywood

The director of Scenic Kentucky is calling on the state legislature to block new administrative regulations on highway billboards from the State Transportation Cabinet.

Paul Bergman is especially concerned about rules that allow use of brighter, LED light fixtures on the signs.

Bergman says he’s offended by new regulations that permit the pruning of trees and other vegetation near billboards. He says brighter, LED lighting on billboards is dangerous and could cause accidents.

Kentucky state highway crews have reopened KY 1167 today (July 25) after replacing a damaged culvert under the roadway in the Craney Creek area of Rowan County near Morehead. Recent storms washed-out the culvert and part of the road. Rowan County maintenance crews used new steel pipes as a temporary fix until a permanent concrete structure can be installed. Crews finished roadway repairs this afternoon, although motorists should note that travel will be on rough surfaces until permanent repairs are complete. Previous detours have ceased. (story provided by the Kentucky Dept.

Millennium Highway

Residents of Morgan County are invited to attend a public informational meeting to discuss a project to improve KY 2498 in West Liberty.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, July 28, from 5-7 p.m. in the second floor meeting room of the West Liberty City Hall. This will be an “open house” format meeting with no formal presentation.


With a break in weather, and in some cases despite the rains, several major road construction projects are continuing in Fleming, Rowan, Carter and Boyd counties.


Contractors are paving the bypass from the Maysville Road-KY 559 end back toward Elizaville Road near McDonald's. Work, and one-lane traffic, will progress toward Elizaville Road on Friday with some paving continuing next week. Work is also taking place now near the KY 11 intersection. Watch for flaggers and please heed warning signs.



One-lane traffic will begin today on I-64 in Carter and Rowan counties for a $11 million slide repair and pavement rehab project.

Contractors will start slide repairs first on the westbound side of the interstate around the 149 mile marker, which is already reduced to one lane due to pavement damage.

Paving Begins on KY 32 in Rowan County

Jul 6, 2015
Plainville Citizen

Motorists should expect lane closures and delays along 2.3 miles of KY 32 north of Morehead between the Fleming County line and the Park Hills Drive as contractors have begun major widening and paving of the highway in that area.

Since the highway serves approximately 4,000 to 9,000 vehicles per day in the area, traffic backups and delays are expected. Motorists should allow extra time and plan travel accordingly. In addition, due to the depth of paving, some entrances and side streets may be blocked for a period of time. Motorists should heed flagger instructions.


Motorists should watch for lane changes, flaggers and other highway construction traffic impacts this week, the week of June 22, in northeast Kentucky.

In Ashland, contractors have temporarily closed all traffic access to the KY 716 (Summit) intersection at US 60 for concrete pavement construction from the Kentucky State Police post to Speedway. No turns into KY 716 or out of KY 716 are being permitted.