Dental Care Needs for Many Children Go Untreated in Kentucky

Oct 26, 2016
Public News Service

Nearly half of Kentucky third and sixth graders are in need of dental care, a sharp increase from 15 years ago, when it was 32 percent.

A new statewide oral health research project uncovered what Kentucky Youth Advocates Executive Director Terry Brooks calls a paradox.

Why has the need for dental care spiked even though more children are now covered by insurance?

Delta Dental of Kentucky

  Access to oral health care has increased since 2001, yet more children face urgent dental needs, according to a new study co-released today by Delta Dental of Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates. The report, Making Smiles Happen: 2016 Oral Health Study of Kentucky's Youth, presents findings of the first oral health surveillance study of Kentucky children in 15 years. The report was released today at the Interim Joint Committee on Health and Welfare in Frankfort, Kentucky.