The American Lung Association has released the annual “State of Lung Cancer” Report, which reveals that Kentucky has the highest lung cancer incidence rates in the nation, as well as some of the lowest survival rates. However, the state ranks well for lung cancer screening rates.

The annual “State of Lung Cancer” report examines the toll of lung cancer throughout the nation, and outlines steps every state can take to better protect its residents from lung cancer.

Gresham, Smith and Partners

The Saint Joseph Mount Sterling Foundation, part of KentuckyOne Health, has received a $10,327 grant from the Lexington Cancer Foundation to establish a new program that will help cancer patients who are receiving treatment at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling.

Through this grant, the Joyful Comfort & Healing Program will be created at Saint Joseph Mount Sterling, and the foundation will be able to purchase four reclining chairs to use in the infusion center that will improve patient comfort as patients fighting cancer are receiving treatment.

CHOC Children's

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time set aside to help educate the public about the prevalence of childhood cancer across the U.S. and promote the need for continued research and treatment.

As part of the observance, Governor Matt Bevin has officially proclaimed Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Kentucky and will be illuminating the Kentucky State Capitol dome gold tonight.

Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

The Bon Secours Kentucky Health System will host Healing Journeys, a support group for cancer patients and caregivers, Thursday, March 16 at 2 p.m. at Bellefonte Centre (1000 Ashland Drive) on the campus of Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital (OLBH) [Ashland].

Healing Journeys meets the third Thursday of each month. Registration is not required. For more information on Healing Journeys, call (606) 833-6265. For more information concerning the Bon Secours Kentucky Health System or OLBH, visit BonSecours.com.

(story provided by Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital)

Cancer in the Commonwealth: Are We Winning the War?

Jan 12, 2016
The Guardian

Most people familiar with Kentucky’s recent history relating to population health know that year in, year out, the commonwealth ranks in the top 10 among all states in incidence rates for lung, breast, and colorectal cancer.

According to statistics from the National Cancer Institute, Kentucky led the U.S. in cancer deaths per 100,000 people in 2012 with 201.2.

Learning More About Childhood Cancer

Oct 10, 2015

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating for any patient, but what if you’re a child or teenager getting that news. Imagine the fear and stress that would arise as you face the uncertainty of your prognosis, the physical side effects of your treatment, and the separation from friends and favorite activities.

On KET’s Connections, Renee Shaw explored these challenges with a young cancer patient and a pediatric oncologist.

Her mother noticed the change first. Faith Calhoun says something about her daughter Destiny’s smile didn’t look quite right.


It’s important to have regular mammograms for women ages 40 or more. Early breast cancer detection can increase survival rates.

St. Claire Regional and Susan B. Komen continue to have a limited number of free mammograms thru March 31, 2015. The mammograms will be given out on a first- come, first-serve basis and provided at no cost at St. Claire Regional Women’s Imaging and Aesthetics. 

Participants must be uninsured or underinsured, 40 years or older and have not had a mammogram within the last year or had a lump identified during a clinical exam.

Medical News MD

The University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center has announced it will discontinue The Julep Ball. The gala has been held annually on the evening before the Kentucky Derby since 2009.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Could Be Expanded

Jul 14, 2014
Grandma Juice

A Kentucky Congressman says he hopes federal health officials can devote as much time and energy to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease as they have to cancer.

Warren County Republican Brett Guthrie says advancements in oncology have made a big difference and breakthroughs in research on memory loss could yield similar results. 

Guthrie says the focus on cancer has resulted in considerable progress and he believes that’s possible in other areas as well. He says Alzheimer’s is likely to cost the U-S a trillion dollars by 2058.

Chemicals Linked To Lung Cancer

Jun 13, 2014
Liberty Voice

Kentucky continues to lead the nation in cancer related deaths.  Lung cancer cases in Appalachia are way above the national average. Smoking has been cited for decades as a contributing factor. 

However, Kentucky Cancer Registry Director Tom Tucker says more attention is also being given to chemicals in the ground namely arsenic and chromium.

Tanning Can Be Addictive

Jun 2, 2014

Tanning season is upon us and so is the increased risk of skin cancer. 

University of Kentucky Associate Professor of Pediatrics John Dorazio is among those researchers trying to determine why ultraviolet rays cause melanoma.  He says tanning can affect the brain as well as the skin.

Spotting Skin Cancer Early

May 29, 2014
CDC/Carl Washington

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in his or her lifetime, according to an estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a cancer expert says early detection and prevention measures are critical.

Dr. Lawrence Mark, associate professor of clinical dermatology at Indiana University, said those with fair skin and lighter-colored hair and eyes are typically more prone to skin cancer. However, he said, that does not preclude those with darker complexions.

Mark listed other factors people should think about when considering their own risk.

Researchers Study Exercise During Pregnancy For Child Cancer Protection

May 27, 2014
Apps For Healthy Kids

An area of cancer research at the University of Kentucky is focusing on exercise for mothers during pregnancy to help prevent cancer in their children. 

Second year grad student Alyssa Jarrel is involved in conducting the study.  She says the research has focused so far on mice, but could very well have implications for humans. 

"Pregnancy is such a short term intervention and it can have long term benefits for the offspring.  So, we're talking nine months for an intervention for the mom to have lifetime benefits for the child," said Jarrel.

Committee Hears Testimony On Statewide Smoking Ban

Mar 12, 2014
Detroit Free Press

A former board president of the Central Kentucky American Heart Association says the state needs a smoke-free law to reduce its comparatively high rates of chronic diseases like Cancer and Emphysema.

Dr. Sylvia Cerel-Suhl of Lexington testified today (March 12) before the Kentucky Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee. She says the Bluegrass ranks near the top in the U.S. for citizens who suffer from such illnesses.

She says Kentucky cities that have approved smoke-free laws have seen hospital emergency room visits for heart attacks drop by an average of 17 percent.

Workers Compensation For Firefighters Discussed

Nov 23, 2013

The Kentucky Association of Firefighters is backing legislation that presumes full-time firefighters who develop cancer got it on the job and would be eligible to collect workers compensation.

Representatives of the organization made their case in Frankfort on Thursday (Nov. 21) before House and Senate members of the Interim Joint Committee on Labor and Industry.

Kentucky Makes Progress To Fight Cancer

Sep 16, 2013
Spry Publishing

Governor Beshear has joined members of the Kentucky Cancer Foundation and state health care officials to announce the state is making progress in its battle with high cancer rates.

The Foundation says it is nearing its goal of matching dollar for dollar the one-million dollars in funding Governor Beshear placed in his budget last year to establish the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program.

The project is in the process of screening 2,000 uninsured Kentuckians through June 30, 2014. Dr. Thomas Frazer has a practice in Lawrence County (KY).

Under the Dome Show

Aug 5, 2013
Health Matters Radio Show

#502 Show Summary (Under the Dome Show):

Remember – August is Hair Loss Awareness Month. Health Matters does not endorse any hair replacement product or technology. We do worry about West Nile virus, falling life expectancy in Eastern Kentucky, and tall women developing cancer. We will explain why this week.

Tip: We believe that municipal mosquito control efforts will need to be intensified in order to avoid outbreaks of West Nile virus infections.