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Carolyn Franzini is the host of "A Time For Tales," Sunday afternoons at 3pm on Morehead State Public Radio.Carolyn and her family were introduced to the power of stories while attending the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN. She knew there was something magic about storytelling because everyone in her family loved the festival. It is rare when an event appeals to children and adults. 

Carolyn lives in Morehead with her husband Bob and they have three children, Maria, Ben and Laura. Carolyn is one of the co-founders of the Cave Run Storytelling Festival, held each September on the shores of Cave Run Lake, attracting nearly 5,000 people at the annual event that features the finest storytellers from across the country. 

"A Time For Tales" is a weekly program of stories told by professional storytellers. Each program features stories and songs that relate to selected themes including animals, school, travel, cultural diversity, special people, daughters, Biblical and holiday stories.

One of the purposes of the program is encourage everyone to value not only the stories of the professionals but also those that each one of us holds in our hearts. As Carolyn reminds us at the end of each program, "Remember..take time, tell your tales".

Family Stories

Nov 19, 2019
Alabama Public Radio

A Time For Tales

Program #398 (November 24 at 3:00 p.m.)

"Family Stories"

Program Performers:

Bil Lepp

Donald Davis

Si Kahn

Kim Weitkamp

Beth Horner

Kathryn Windham

Love Stories

Nov 14, 2019
Wally Bromberg, Dolores Hydock

A Time For Tales

Program #397 (November 17 at 3:00 p.m.)

"Love Stories - Part 6"

Program Performers:

Dolores Hydock

Diane Ferlatte

Eric Bibb

Dave Van Ronk

Sheila Kay Adams

Syd Lieberman

Sheila Kay Adams

Deseret News

Stories and songs about driving from Donald Davis, Teresa Clark, Carolyn Franzini, Kate Campbell and John McCutcheon on "A Time For Tales," Sunday at 3pm on WMKY (90.3FM).

  Hosted by Carolyn Franzini, "A Time For Tales" offers stories each week from nationally-known storytellers. Tune-in at the new time of 3pm (Sundays) on Morehead State Public Radio, following "Bluegrass Sunday" with Michelle Wallace beginning at noon.