Sunday Night Jazz Showcase


Sunday Night Jazz Showcase profiles the legends and legacy of jazz music. Each week, the program showcases the music, performers, composers and styles of jazz that have made it America’s premiere musical art form.

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase airs Sunday nights at 8PM. The program is hosted and produced by Paul Hitchcock, a veteran announcer with more than 30 years in public broadcasting. For additional information, contact the host at: p.hitchc@moreheadstate.edu

Al Jarreau

Oct 17, 2014
All About Jazz

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 41 (October 19 at 8:00PM)

The only vocalist in history to earn Grammy Music Awards in three different categories (jazz, pop, and R&B), Al Jarreau was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 12, 1940. The son of a vicar, he earned his first performing experience singing in the church choir. After receiving his master's degree in psychology, Jarreau pursued a career as a social worker, but eventually he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and try his hand in show business, playing small clubs throughout the West Coast.

Denny Zeitlin

Oct 11, 2014
All About Jazz

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 40 (October 12 at 8pm) ***NEW TIME***

Denny Zeitlin's parents were involved in both music and medicine. They started him on the piano at age two and he continued to study classical music while in elementary school, then began playing jazz in high school. Zeitlin began playing professionally in and around his hometown of Chicago as a teenager.

Tony Williams

Oct 5, 2014
Music Radar

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 39 (October 5 at 8pm)  

**NEW TIME at 8pm**

Tony Williams' death in 1997 of a heart attack after routine gall bladder surgery was a major shock to the jazz world. At the age of 51, Williams seemed so youthful, healthy, and ageless even though he had been a major drummer for nearly 35 years.

Sadao Watanabe

Sep 26, 2014
Cafe Japan

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 38 (September 28 at 11pm)

Sadao Watanabe alternates excellent bebop dates with pop albums. Watanabe learned clarinet and alto in high school, and in the 1950s he moved to Tokyo, joining Toshiko Akiyoshi's bop-oriented group in 1953. When the pianist moved to the U.S. in 1956, Watanabe took over the band.

Billie Holiday

Sep 20, 2014
Budget Fashionista

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 37 (September 21 at 11pm)

The first popular jazz singer to move audiences with the intense, personal feeling of classic blues, Billie Holiday changed the art of American pop vocals forever. With her spirit shining through on every recording, Holiday's technical expertise also excelled in comparison to the great majority of her contemporaries.

Dave Valentin

Sep 12, 2014

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 36 (September 14 at 11pm)

Dave Valentin, who has recorded over 15 albums for GRP Records, combines together the influence of pop, R&B, and Brazilian music with Latin jazz to create a slick and accessible form of crossover jazz.

At age nine, Valentin enjoyed playing bongos and congas. He played at Latin clubs in New York from age 12 and it was not until he was 18 that he seriously started studying flute. Valentin's teacher, Hubert Laws, suggested that he not double on saxophone because of his attractive sound on the flute.

Steve Turre

Sep 7, 2014
Jazz Chicago

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 35 (September 7 at 11pm)

Steve Turre, one of the world's preeminent jazz innovators, trombonist and seashellist, was born to Mexican-American parents and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area where he absorbed daily doses of mariachi, blues and jazz. While attending Sacramento State University, he joined the Escovedo Brothers salsa band, which began his career-long involvement with that genre.

Mike Stern

Aug 29, 2014
Pop Dose

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 34 (August 31 at 11pm)

Recognized as one of the finest guitarists among his peers, Mike Stern was born on January 10, 1953, in Boston, MA, but grew up in Washington, D.C., before returning to Boston to study at the Berklee School of Music.

Stern was only 22 when he joined Blood, Sweat & Tears, for whom he played three years before signing on with Billy Cobham's jazz fusion outfit, which led to Stern's big breakthrough when Miles Davis enlisted him as guitarist for Davis' return from a five-year musical hiatus in 1981.

Melody Gardot

Aug 22, 2014
Tickets Inventory

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 33 (August 24 at 11pm)

Born in New Jersey in 1985, Melody Gardot took up piano and played as a youngster on the nightclub scene of Philadelphia, influenced by jazz, folk, rock, and pop music.

Seven Ponds

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 32 (August 17 at 11pm)

George and Ira Gershwin will always be remembered as the songwriting team whose voice was synonymous with the sounds and style of the Jazz Age. 

By the time of their 1924 Broadway hit, "Lady, Be Good!", George had worked with lyricist Buddy DeSylva on a series of revues, "George White's Scandals," while Ira enjoyed success with composer Vincent Youmans on "Two Little Girls In Blue." 

Clark Terry

Aug 8, 2014
The Jazz Trumpeter

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 31 (August 10 at 11pm)

Clark Terry was born in St. Louis, Missouri on December 14th, 1920. A classic freelance musician who is a welcome and distinctive addition to whatever band or jam session is fortunate enough to be graced by his presence.

Artie Shaw

Aug 2, 2014

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 30 (August 3 at 11pm)

One of jazz's finest clarinetists, Artie Shaw was also an accomplished bandleader, leading five orchestras and combos, all of them distinctive and memorable.

Horace Silver

Jul 27, 2014
James Mahone Music

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 29 (July 27 at 11pm)

Horace Silver was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on September 2, 1928. His father had immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde---and that island nation's Portuguese influences would play a big part in Silver's own music later on.

When Silver was a teenager, he began playing both piano and saxophone while he listened to everything from boogie-woogie and blues to such modern musicians as Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk.

Michael Franks

Jul 20, 2014

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 28 (July 20 at 11pm)

Michael Franks occupied a uniquely popular niche in the world of soft jazz and pop music in the 1970’s. He was one of those crossover artists who defied easy category on the radio and found an audience mostly among college students.

Joshua Redman

Jul 11, 2014
Siebe van Ineveld

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 27 (July 13 at 11pm) 

Pieces Of A Dream

Jul 5, 2014

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 26 (July 6 at 11pm) 

Bassist Cedric Napoleon, drummer Curtis Harmon, and keyboardist James Lloyd founded crossover jazz group Pieces of a Dream in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were teenagers at the time of their 1976 formation.

Although they were jazz-oriented, the group also emphasized R+B and incorporated funk, quiet storm, hip-hop, new jack swing, and smooth jazz into their recordings, which often featured vocalists (including Barbara Walker, Eva Cassidy, and Maysa Leak).

Ken Peplowski

Jun 27, 2014
Peterborough Jazz Club

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 25 (June 29 at 11pm) 

One of the top clarinetists of the 1990s and a very talented tenor player, Ken Peplowski has helped keep the tradition of small-group swing (and occasionally Dixieland) alive.

Peplowski made his professional debut at ten and played locally in Cleveland. After spending 1978-1980 touring with the Tommy Dorsey ghost orchestra (directed by Buddy Morrow), Peplowski settled in New York, freelanced in a variety of settings, and played with Benny Goodman.

Eliane Elias

Jun 19, 2014

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 24 (June 22 at 11pm) 

The classical tradition meets the spontaneity of jazz through the virtuosic playing of Brazil-born and New York-based pianist Eliane Elias. A former member of the jazz ensemble Steps Ahead, Elias has continued to explore two distinct musical streams through her solo recordings and her performances since the mid 1980’s.

Art Pepper

Jun 12, 2014
All About Jazz

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 23 (June 15 at 11pm) 

Despite a remarkably colorful and difficult life, Art Pepper was quite consistent in the recording studios; virtually every recording he made is well worth getting. In the 1950s he was able to develop his own sound despite the dominant influence of Charlie Parker.

Charlie Parker

Jun 5, 2014
Herman Leonard (PBS Jazz)

Sunday Night Jazz Showcase

Program 22 (June 8 at 11pm)

Charlie Parker was one of the most influential improvising soloists in jazz, and a central figure in the development of bop in the 1940s. A legendary figure in his own lifetime, he was idolized by those who worked with him, and he inspired a generation of jazz performers and composers.