Muddy Bottom Blues

Fridays, 8pm to 9pm and Saturdays, 3pm to 4pm

A reflective hour of roots-based blues, folk and Americana music. Each theme-based hour showcases musicians, singers and songwriters who have created and crafted these distinct music genres.

Crooked Still

Nov 18, 2016
Crooked Still

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #84 (November 18 at 8:00PM)

Neo-bluegrass group Crooked Still combines four musicians with distinguished backgrounds and connections.

Singer Aoife O'Donovan, a graduate of the New England Conservatory, is also a member of the Wayfaring Strangers.

Cellist Rushad Eggleston, the first string student admitted to the Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, also performs with Fiddlers 4 and Darol Anger's American Fiddle Ensemble while also leading his own Wild Band of Snee.

Josh White

Nov 3, 2016
C.C. Rider

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #83 (November 4 at 8:00PM)

Josh White’s life is the history of black American music finding a white audience, of folk music and the American left, and of a man who remade himself time and time again, fighting discrimination, stereotypes, and his own personal demons to become one of the world’s most successful black entertainers, then maintaining himself in that position through four decades.

Global Dog Productions

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #82 (October 7 at 8:00PM)

OKeh Records was founded by Otto K. E. Heinemann when he set up his own recording studio and gramophone record pressing plant in New York City in September 1918. Heinemann formed the name of the record label “OKeh”, from his initials.

Jimmy LaFave

Sep 30, 2016

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #81 (September 30 at 8:00PM)

Austin-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Jimmy LaFave brings a passionate rock & roll energy to his original folk songs, whether he's playing solo or with a band.

Uncle Earl

Sep 23, 2016
Sunset Village Park

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #80 (September 23 at 8:00PM)

Fearless ambassadors for string-band music, Uncle Earl uses tradition as a springboard, coloring a vast and varied legacy with their own unique perspectives as vocalists, instrumentalists, and songwriters.

Independently, Kristin Andreassen (guitar, fiddle, ukulele, harmonica, vocals, clogging), Rayna Gellert (fiddle, guitar, vocals), KC Groves (mandolin, guitar, bass, vocals), and Abigail Washburn (banjo, vocals), have each emerged as adventurous, compelling voices in the ongoing old-time renaissance.

Rob McNurlin

Sep 16, 2016
Gary Hayes Country

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #79 (September 16 at 8:00PM)

Rob McNurlin was raised in Eastern Kentucky, the hymns in church, the Johnny Cash Show on TV, a harmonica from his grandmother, his parents records and a guitar on his ninth Christmas set him on a very musical path.

McNurlin began studying traditional music learning hundreds of folk, hillbilly-blues and Gospel tunes. Inspired by Cash, Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams, he started writing songs and mixing these originals with the  traditional .


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #78 (September 9 at 8:00PM)

Sweet Honey in the Rock is a dynamic, all-female a cappella group with a repertoire rooted in African choral, blues, gospel, and jazz.

The ensemble educates, entertains and empowers its audience and community through the dynamic vehicles of a cappella singing and American Sign Language interpretation for the Deaf and hearing impaired.

Rounder Records

Sep 1, 2016

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #77 (September 2 at 8:00PM)

Rounder Records began in 1970 as a collective enterprise by three college friends, passionate music lovers all, to record, preserve, and pioneer the development of roots music and its contemporary offshoots.  It was not originally intended to become a business, all three Rounder Founders had other careers in mind, but the reception their first releases earned drove the trio to do more. As one often said, “It was like a hobby that got out of control.” In their third year alone, they released 19 albums. 

Robbie Fulks

Aug 26, 2016
Robbie Fulks

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #76 (August 26 at 8:00PM)

Singer/songwriter Robbie Fulks was one of the more heralded talents in the alternative country movement, displaying an offbeat, sometimes dark sense of humor in many of his best moments. As time passed, he moved away from the country twang of his early work and into a crunchier roots rock hybrid.

Grady Champion

Aug 19, 2016
Clarion Ledger

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #75 (August 19 at 8:00PM)

Mississippi-based, Grammy Award winning songwriter/musician Grady Champion has been captivating audiences for more than two decades.

Texas State Historical Association

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #74 (August 12 at 8:00PM)

Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas, an early exponent of country blues, was born in Big Sandy, Texas, in 1874, one of nine children of former slaves who sharecropped on a cotton plantation in the northeastern part of the state. Thomas learned to hate cotton farming at an early age and left home as soon as he could, around 1890, to pursue a career as an itinerant songster.

Solomon Burke

Aug 5, 2016
Rubber City Review

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #73 (August 5 at 8:00PM)

While Solomon Burke never made a major impact upon the pop audience -- he never, in fact, had a Top 20 hit -- he was an important early soul pioneer.

All Dylan

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #72 (July 29 at 8:00PM)

John Prine is an acclaimed singer/songwriter who was born October 10, 1946, in Maywood, IL. Raised by parents firmly rooted in their rural Kentucky background, at age 14 Prine began learning to play the guitar from his older brother while taking inspiration from his grandfather, who had played with Merle Travis.

After a two-year tenure in the U.S. Army, Prine became a fixture on the Chicago folk music scene in the late '60s, befriending another young performer named Steve Goodman.

Rosie Flores

Jul 22, 2016
Credit: Cleveland

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #71 (July 22 at 8:00PM)

Alternative country meets the rockabilly revival meets California guitar virtuosity in the music of Rosie Flores. Since the late '70s, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Rosie Flores has been an important figure on the alternative country scene in both Austin, TX, and Los Angeles. She's a hard-working, independently minded artist who's well-respected for her gritty, energetic vocals and fiery guitar solos.

Jorma Kaukonen

Jul 14, 2016
Rolling Stone

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #70 (July 15 at 8:00PM)

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jorma Kaukonen was born and grew up in Washington, D.C., where he first turned to the guitar. Kaukonen lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1960s, playing backup to singer Janis Joplin in local clubs.

Aristocrat Records

Jul 7, 2016
45 Worlds

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #69 (July 8 at 8:00PM)

Aristocrat Records, sometimes billed as The Aristocrat of Records, was founded in April 1947 by Charles and Evelyn Aron, together with their partners Fred and Mildred Brount and Art Spiegel. Leonard Chess also invested in the young record company.

Leon Redbone

Jun 17, 2016

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #68 (June 17 at 8:00PM)

While his gravelly baritone and omnipresent fedora, dark glasses, and Groucho Marx mustache made him one of the more distinct and recognizable characters in popular music, little is known about the neo-vaudeville crooner Leon Redbone.

Gram Parsons

Jun 10, 2016

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #67 (June 10 at 8:00PM)

Gram Parsons is the father of country-rock. With the International Submarine Band, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, the songwriter pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music, and as a solo artist he moved even further into the country realm, blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other.

Missouri Life

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #66 (March 18 at 8:00PM)

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils were among the more popular of mid-1970s country-rock outfits, slotting in chronologically and stylistically between the Eagles and Firefall. As exponents of '70s country-rock, the group rode a wave of success for five years on A&M Records and survived in some form into the 1990s, with a following just large enough to justify occasional record releases in their later years.

Utah Phillips

Mar 5, 2016

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #65 (March 4 at 8:00PM)

Bruce “U. Utah” Phillips' political awareness was inherited from his parents who were union organizers in the 1930s. His mother worked for the C.I.O. before it merged with the A.F.L. As a youngster, Phillips was influenced by his exposure to the theater after his parents were divorced and his mother was remarried to the manager of the Hippodrome in Cleveland, one of the last of the old vaudeville houses.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #64 (February 19 at 8:00PM)

On this program of Muddy Bottom Blues, blues harmonica legends are featured on songs where the harmonica is the central or primary instrument. The harmonica became a dominant force in the 1950’s, when it was amplified by Little Walter, Junior Wells and many other performers throughout the Midwest including Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #63 (February 12 at 8:00PM)

Mercury Records was formed in 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. During the record company’s first ten years, they were an early pioneer in jazz, blues, rhythm and blues and country music.

Performers who recorded for the label included Dinah Washington, Jimmy Witherspoon, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Johnny Otis, Lightnin’ Hopkins, , Memphis Slim and many others.

Bloodshot records

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #62 (February 5 at 8:00PM)

The Executioner’s Last Songs from Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, is a collection of Americana and roots-based blues songs about murder, death, and dying. The three volume collection was recorded to benefit the Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

Tracy Nelson

Jan 28, 2016
Music Row

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #61 (January 29 at 8:00PM)

A very versatile and talented vocalist, Tracy Nelson is better known for her role as lead singer of Mother Earth. The Nashville sextet had three albums in a country-rock vein make the charts in the late '60s and early '70s.

Maria Muldaur

Jan 21, 2016
The Blues Mobile

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #60 (January 22 at 8:00PM)

Best known for her seductive '70s pop staple "Midnight at the Oasis," Maria Muldaur has since become an acclaimed interpreter of just about every stripe of American roots music: blues, early jazz, gospel, folk, country, R&B, and so on.

Buddy Miller

Jan 14, 2016
Rolling Stone

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #59 (January 15 at 8:00PM)

Soulful Americana songwriter, singer, and producer Buddy Miller began his career in the early 1960s as an upright bassist in high school bluegrass combos. Later, he traveled the back roads of America as an acoustic guitarist, eventually landing in New York City, where his Buddy Miller Band included a young Shawn Colvin on vocals and guitar. He also forged an enduring relationship with country-rock iconoclast Jim Lauderdale.

Little Feat

Jan 8, 2016
All About Jazz

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #58 (January 8 at 8:00PM)

Led by songwriter/guitarist Lowell George, Little Feat were a wildly eclectic band, bringing together strains of blues, R&B, country, and rock & roll. The band members were exceptionally gifted technically and their polished professionalism sat well with the slick sounds coming out of Southern California during the '70s.

Tish Hinojosa

Dec 10, 2015

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #57 (December 11 at 8:00PM)

Songwriter and musician Tish Hinojosa has drawn numerous critical accolades for her borderless approach to music, blending Mexican folk and country music with a modern singer/songwriter sensibility and touches of pop.

Red House Records

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #56 (December 4 at 8:00PM)

“Spider” John Koerner has been an influential practitioner of traditional folk music and country blues since the days of the late 1950s and early 1960s folk revival. Both in his group, Koerner, Ray & Glover, and on his own, he has helped popularize early folk and blues music through his performances and recordings, directly affecting the careers of Bob Dylan and Bonnie Raitt, and influencing many others.


Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #55 (November 20 at 8:00PM)

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupleo, Mississippi. Elvis moved to Memphis by his teens, where he absorbed the vibrant melting pot of Southern popular music in the form of blues, country, bluegrass, and gospel.