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Health Matters is a hour-long program that focuses on the health care needs of the mountain region. The weekly program is a co-production of Morehead State Public Radio and the Northeast Kentucky Area Health Education Center. AHEC offices are located at the Saint Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead and Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital in Ashland. Host Tony Weaver, a practicing physician in Rowan County, and his team of health experts interview guests and discuss health issues like obesity, tobacco use, heart disease, exercise and other topics concerning the well being of eastern Kentuckians.

Health Matters won the 2013 American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons media award!
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Dr. James Ziliak show

May 13, 2014

#540 Show Summary (Dr. James Ziliak show):

#538 Show Summary (How Much Is That Doc in the Window? Show):

Medicare has released physician payment data, showing how much they paid US physicians in the past year. Some of the data is misleading – groups of doctors bill under one name, doctors bill for expensive drugs, which they must then purchase, payment for procedures go to a team of healthcare providers. Some of the doctors make an enormous amount of money, which is not misleading. Join us for a discussion of this, Cap’n Crunch, and how Viagra might raise your risk of melanoma.

Our healthcare delivery system is changing rapidly, but the Affordable Care Act just finished the first enrollment, and the effects of our new health care plan are not known. Many analysts have already weighed in, giving their grades to Obamacare. We take time to give our opinion, and also weigh in on mammography, sun avoidance, marijuana, and recovery from a coma.

# 537 Show Summary (The Kathleen Sibelius Show):  This show chronicles the meteoric rise (but do meteors rise?) and dramatic fall of Kathleen Sibelius, once mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, now resigned in disgrace over the healthcare.gov website.  Rick and Tony discuss managing a disaster, the effects of disaster on a population, and why being cool under stress is not always a good thing.

Tip:  You have at least 24 hours to remove a biting tick before most diseases can be transmitted.  Check your skin daily after outdoor activities for ticks.


The Final Four Show

Apr 16, 2014

#536 Show Summary (The Final Four Show):

The Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Five has had a thrilling run through the NCAA tournament, a source of pride to true blue fans.  In honor of the Wildcats, we present medical information from the other UK, the United Kingdom.  Join us for info on vegetables, Botox, sleeping pills, and pizza advice from the Department of Health.

The Crimea River Show

Apr 8, 2014

Dedicated to the embattled people of the Crimean Peninsula, this show includes medical conspiracies, Google Glass and Google Flu Trends, new info on brain health and Alzheimer Disease, and enrollment numbers on Kynect, Kentucky’s Obamacare signup site. Don't you depend on NATO, maintain your independence by staying healthy.

78-76 Show

Apr 3, 2014

#534 Show Summary (78-76 Show):

We celebrate UK’s recent success by reposting the final score of the Wichita State game as our title.  This show includes info on casinos and child obesity (for every slot machine per capita increase, obesity rates went down 0.19%), the dramatic 30% drop in colon cancer death rates due to colonoscopy, and the failure of glucosamine to affect knee arthritis.  Thaw your brain just in time for spring.

#533 Show Summary (What Would Einstein Eat? Show):

As with most dietary research, there are strongly held opinions about the best diet for your brain, but little scientific evidence.  We are joined by Jean Jones, Manager of Clinical Nutrition Services at St. Claire Regional Medical Center, Registered Dietitian Andrea Corkran, and UK Dietetic Intern Mallory Foster to look at the best brain foods, with information on kale and Oreos as well.

#532 Show Summary (Dr. Terrence Barrett and the Crypts of Lieberkuhn Show):

What do self-hypnosis, yogurt, the Mediterranean diet, and hibernating squirrels have in common? All are topics discussed by our guest, Dr. Terrence Barrett, Chief of Gastroenterology at the University of Kentucky. In between, we discuss: cancer screening and inflammatory bowel disease. Yes, yes, we know it’s Health Matters, but it’s still a fairly interesting show.

#531 Show Summary (Stupid is Not Free Show): we hope for a miracle, but in all honesty, we despair the Kentucky will have a statewide smoking ban this legislative session. That means we will continue to sacrifice over 7000 Kentuckians every year to the health effects of smoking, including 3500 who die of lung cancer. This horrific toll is the price we pay for our collective inaction. We discuss cancer prevention, histoplasmosis, and Bluetooth toothbrushes.

#530 Show Summary (There’s Your Problem, Right There Show):

As the harsh winter winds give way to the hissing of cracked and frozen pipes beginning to thaw, we thought it was time to do exactly the same thing we did last week – go over a few interesting items from medical research. We have facts and figures on cancer from the American Cancer Society, new information on gastric bypass and alcoholism, and how to get your hands on some Harvard grad student stool.

#529 Show Summary (We Got Trouble with a Low T show):

Three large observational studies have shown an increased risk of heart attacks with men over 65 or men with heart disease who start testosterone therapy. We don’t know if testosterone causes the heart attacks, but we are very worried about the rising popularity of replacement. We’re also worried about obese people in seatbelts, shivering for exercise, and how the Navy prevents seamen from getting diarrhea on ships.

#528 Show Summary (Dr. Anthony Limperos Show):

Dr. Limperos is a young researcher with the University of Kentucky Department of Communications, who is studying exercise video games, or exergaming. Tony and Rick are aging consumers who have only a vague idea of what this involves. Put them together and watch the hijinks (hijinkses?) begin.

#527 Show Summary (“Like a Man Possessed” Show):

We celebrate the small victories. Last week, Kentucky and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear were mentioned in President Obama’s State of the Union address. Health Matters celebrations tend to be restrained, so we end up talking about green tea, erectile dysfunction, and shopping cart injuries. You should listen. In this weather, what else do you have to do?

#526 Show Summary (The Ground Hog Day Show):

Winter days are often bleak and depressing.  The Celts invented a day to remind them that spring was coming, and the Pennsylvania German community brought it to the US.  Traditions and customs turn, and thanks to a popular movie, the day designed to help us look to the future now reminds us of a past we can’t escape.  Why not celebrate Ground Hog Day with Health Matters?

The Big Five-Oh Show

Jan 29, 2014

#525 Show summary (The Big Five-Oh Show):

January 1964 brought several historically significant events. The Beatles hit number one with "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", the Rolling Stones began their first tour, Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" premiered, and the Surgeon General released the first report on Tobacco and Health. Join the Health Matters crew as we reminisce and trace the path of tobacco control from that fateful month.

#524 Show summary (Don't Drink the Water Show):

Our show salutes those rugged individuals from West Virginia who endured five days without potable (or even touchable) water. As rural Appalachians who share a toxic heritage (we have a nuclear waste superfund site just outside town), we share your pain. This show also promotes the greatest device ever – the electric tongue stimulator.

Tip:  Clinic visits solely for a complete physical examination do not improve lifespan and clinical outcomes.


#523 Show Summary (The Next Big Thing Show):

What will be big in 2014?  Virtual food?  New blood pressure guidelines?  The germs in your colon?  Or the medicine for your nose?  We have our opinions, however misinformed.  We can give you the possibilities, but you will have to wait to see how 2014 works out.

Tip:  There are new 2014 American Diabetes Association guidelines, but the diagnosis of diabetes remains the same:  Hemoglobin A1c over 6.5%, or a fasting glucose of 126 or greater.


#522 Show Summary (2013—The Year That Was Show):

Rick and Tony struggle valiantly to find some redeeming values for 2013.  Rick is impressed that Felix Baumgartner fell down (24 miles), but that was in 2012.  Tony was impressed by the salvage of the Costa Concordia.  There were also a few health changes in 2013; tune in for our impression.

#521 Show Summary (Good Riddance to 2013 Show):

In our opinion, one of the few good things about 2013 is that it was brief. Our show this year concerned itself with risky new products from energy drinks to e-cigarettes to stomach pumps for weight loss, while the life expectancy for men and women in Eastern Kentucky declined. Join us as we abruptly bid goodbye to 2013, and prepare to do better in 2014.

#520 Show Summary (The Glitch That Stole Christmas Show):

Once again, Health Matters is the center of your holiday celebration. This year, the fine folks at the Hardly-Worthitt catalog have provided us a sample of their 2013 offerings. We provide tips on safe flying, and health benefits of nuts. Happy holidays from your friends at Health Matters!

Tip: falls account for a third of all Christmas decorating injuries. Keep your belt buckle inside the ladder rails and don’t stand on the top three steps.


Gregory Bix Show

Dec 18, 2013

#519 Show (Gregory Bix Show):

#518 Show Summary (“Holding Hands With Your Individual Mandate” Show):

Finally, we have the opportunity to get back to doing what we do best – butchering the medical news. Whether it’s the latest guidelines on statins, lawsuits on Red Bull, or the health benefits of caring for a relative, we have an opinion, and it’s mostly misinformed. Experience the joy of feeling superior this weekend.

#517 Show Summary (Yearning to Breathe Free Show):

“The New Colossus” was a poem written by Emma Lazarus to describe the Statue of Liberty, signifying a country dedicated to freedom for oppressed people, not colossal military might.  One line from that poem, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” gives us the title of this show.  Next year, our state legislature will deliberate a bill regarding the rights of our citizens—a smoking ban.  You can help, and we will show you how.

#516 Show Summary (Dr. Allan Butterfield Show):

Dr. Butterfield’s research has changed the way American scientists think about Alzheimer’s disease. After spending an entire career on oxidation-reduction reactions in the Alzheimer’s protein “amyloid beta”, he has developed a mechanism and support from animal models on how this protein is instrumental in causing the nerve damage seen with this devastating disease. Join us as we delve into the wondrous world of redox proteonomics; we promise you won’t regret it.

#515 Show Summary (Dr. Eric Higgins “Retina World We Thinking? Show):

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss in working-age Americans.  Dr. Higgins, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at UK, is using an automatic camera to transmit images of the patient’s retina, diagnosing diabetic eye disease while saving time and money.  You should see about this show.  We just kill ourselves with the funny puns sometimes.

The Minor Glitch Show

Nov 5, 2013

#514 Show Summary (The Minor Glitch Show):

This show has it all—peanut butter to diagnose Alzheimers disease, lab rats addicted to Oreos, and our thoughts on the health insurance exchanges.  If you can’t log on, why not chat with Health Matters this weekend.

Tip:  Price is critical, but consider other elements of an insurance plan as well.  Check the doctors and hospitals you can access, which medications and how much of the bill are covered.


#513 Show Summary (8.5 Annual Fall Fall Spectacular):

Don’t you dare! Make a slip, take a dip, or a trip – you can thump a bump up on your hip! With only a slight twist, the old grade school Halloween song becomes the theme for our annual autumnal sliptacular program. St. Claire Rehab Medical Director Dr. Melanie Ledford is our guest.

#512 Show Summary (Chewing the Lean with Kelly and Jean show):

Tom Hanks has type II diabetes. There is more sleep inducing tryptophan in chicken than there is in Turkey. Visualizing yourself as a thin person doesn’t always help your diet. Our guest, St. Claire Regional Dietitian Jean Jones, and her EKU dietetic intern Kelly Jewell separate fat from fiction this week.

Ahmed Abdel-Latif show

Oct 14, 2013

#511 Show Summary (Ahmed Abdel-Latif show):

There are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells that come from embryos and can become any type of cell in the body, and adult stem cells that are designed to replenish one particular type of cells. Dr. Abdeul-Latif works with adult stem cells to restore damaged heart muscle after a heart attack. He explains his current experiments, and explains stem cells, in this show.