Golden Age of Radio

Sundays, 2PM to 3PM

Morehead State Public Radio presents classic, old-time radio programs from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. On each program of the Golden Age of Radio, enjoy thrilling westerns, classic comedy, exciting adventure and suspense.


The period of the 1930’s through the 1950’s was known as radio’s ‘golden age,’ where the radio was the central piece of furniture in the average family’s living room. Parents and children would gather around the radio to hear the latest installment of their favorite show, hear the latest news and enjoy a variety of big band, classical and country music.


Throughout this period, radio had a mass appeal by uniting and connecting people of all ages. Radio provided a source of inspiration with heroes such as the Lone Ranger, Speed Gibson and Superman; provided laughter with Abbott and Costello, Lucille Ball and Mel Blanc; featured movie stars, vocalists and celebrities on variety shows such as the Grand Ole Opry, All-Star Western Theatre and Jack Benny Hour; and promoted old-fashioned American family values on programs such as Gunsmoke, Frontier Fighters and The Six Shooter.


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Los Angeles Times

  • Welcome Back, Baseball
  • WHAS 25th Anniversary
  • ABC Hollywood Tour  

Hake’s Americana

  • Popeye The Sailor (Popeye and Gang at the Zoo)
  • Baby Snooks (Mudneck)
  • Case Dismissed (Legal Wills)  


  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial (April 12, 1945)  


  • Amazing Mr. Tutt (Advice to Young Lawyers)
  • Al Trace & His Silly Symphonists
  • The Washingtonians featuring Duke Ellington  


  • Little Orphan Annie (Annie and Joe Building a Radio Transmitter)
  • Aladdin Lamp (Heaven Only Knows)
  • Cloak and Dagger (Direct Line to Bombers)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters (Mystery of the Border Smugglers)
  • Let George Do It (First Client)

Radio Spirits

  • Duffy’s Tavern (Archie Patents Electricity)
  • Big Band Remotes (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra)  

Radio Spirits

  • Mr. District Attorney (Case of the Sinister Cinema)
  • Baby Snooks (Rich Uncle)
  • Daredevils of Hollywood (Frank McGrath)  

Rolling Stone

  • Columbia Country Caravan (Johnny Hicks, Lefty Frizzell, Ray Price)
  • Easy Aces (Jane’s Household Budget)  

Movie Poster Shop

  • Five Minute Mystery (Command Performance)
  • 20th Century Fox Is On The Air (Alexander’s Ragtime Band)
  • Broadway Is My Beat  


  • Adventures of Horatio Hornblower (Protecting the Convoy)
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Gyro Cosmic Relatinator)
  • Adventures in Research (King of Ice)  

Old Time Radio Researchers Group

  • A Date With Judy (Frank Sinatra Movie)
  • Dr. Tim Detective (Poisoner at Large)
  • Lou Holtz Laugh Club (Horse Race)  

Old Radio

  • Bill Stern’s Sports Reel (Babe Ruth)
  • 1940 Kentucky Derby (Gallahadion)
  • Comic Weekly Man   


  • Incredible, But True (Human Atmosphere)
  • Babbitt Sisters (Martha Wentworth, Noreen Gammill)
  • The Sealed Book (King of The World)

Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

  • Aladdin Lamp
  • Pinto Pete and His Ranch Boys
  • The Cavalcade of America (Bridge Builders)  

Radio Spirits

  • Casey, Crime Photographer (20 Minute Alibi)
  • Strange As It Seems (Woman Who Tempted Fate)
  • Armed Forces Radio Network (Frankenstein Castle Hoax)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • The Black Museum (22 Caliber Pistol)
  • Louella Parsons Show (Shelly Winters)  

A & E’s Biography

  • 21st Precinct (The Book)
  • Five Minute Mystery (Three Scarlet Letters)
  • Air National Guard Show (Rosemary Clooney)  

Big Jon and Sparkie

  • Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air (Snow White)
  • Big Jon and Sparkie (Telephone Troubles/Mrs. Two Hills Window)  

The Conversation

  • Claudia (The New Apartment)
  • Behind The Mike (Sound Effects)

Zoot Radio

  • Danger, Dr. Danfield (Murder of Cora Rogers)
  • In The Name of the Law (Phantom Gang)

Doctor Marco

  • Frontier Town (Return to Dos Rios)
  • Daredevils of Hollywood (Slim Talbot)
  • Something to Talk About (Lucky 13)  

Oz Typewriter

  • Norman Corwin’s One World Flight (The Philippines)
  • Soldiers of the Press (William Tryee – The Pacific Theater)  

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • Ranger Bill (Burning Sands)
  • Cimarron Tavern (Clue of the Sabre)  

Radio Spirits

  • The Great Gildersleeve (Gildy Arrives at Summerfield)
  • Mama Bloom’s Brood (Sidney Comes to Dinner)
  • Aladdin Lamp Man  

WGN Radio Theatre

  • Bold Venture (Deadly Merchandise)
  • 5 Minute Mystery (Missing Ruby)
  • Afloat with Henry Morgan (Morgan Assembles His Fleet)

Old Time Radio Catalog

  • The Saint starring Vincent Price (Conley Silver Mine)
  • Guest Star presented by U.S. Treasury Department (Milton Berle)  


  • Calling All Cars (Murder in Room 9)
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt Addresses 50th Anniversary of Statue of Liberty
  • Cruise of the Poll Parrot

Old Time Radio Downloads

  • CBS Radio Workshop (Ex-Urbanites)
  • Incredible, But True (Lady and The Lake)
  • Diamond Drama (Diamond of Caesar Borgia)  

Old Time Radio Catalog

  • Fred Allen Show (Frank Sinatra)
  • Mother’s Best Flour Radio Show (Hank Williams)