We Apologize If Anyone Was Offended Show

Oct 25, 2016

We start with the obvious – this is a messy show. We began by saluting Perdue chicken and slamming brain training games and end with a new acne medicine and the (lack of) relationship between a vegetarian diet and common cancers. When the high point of the show is an article indicating that patients with Alzheimer’s disease die sooner if you try to feed them with tubes, is hard to describe this as “entertaining”. Listen for yourself and you make the call.

Tip: While we encourage our radio fans to take advantage of any help you can get with your medical expenses, drug companies are using co-pay assistance programs to gain access to insurance coverage for overpriced drugs. Collectively, they will bankrupt your insurance plan.


Perdue Farms leads the way in antibiotic-free chickens

Brain training games are mainly in vain

American Geriatrics Society guidelines on feeding tubes in elderly demented patients