Unofficial results posted in Rowan County

Jun 23, 2020

A sign posted Tuesday night at the Rowan County Courthouse in front of unofficial results from the primary. More ballots are expected to arrive over the next week.

Rowan County officials expected a record turnout for Tuesday’s primary since the COVID-19 pandemic expanded absentee voting and a single polling station was open in each county. 

As of Tuesday night’s closing of the polls, 5,063 ballots were cast, with 883 people voting in person during Election Day.  Rowan County Clerk Elwood Caudill, Jr. says mail in ballots postmarked June 23rd will be counted as they arrive by mail over the next few days, and final results will be posted on June 30th. 

In Rowan County, President Donald Trump was uncontested in the Repulican Primary. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden received 2,039 votes.   408 voters remained uncommitted while Bernie Sanders received 388 votes.  The remaining 10 Democratic hopefuls received less than 100 votes each in Rowan County.

Mitch Mcconnel easily won the Republican primary for United State Senate with 1,282 votes.  Wesley Morgan received 109 votes while Naren James, Paul John Frangedakis, Wendell Crow, Louis Grider, Kenneth Lowndes, and Nicholas Alsager received less than 50 votes each. 

Democrat Amy McGrath received 1,630 votes while 1,083 cast ballots for Charles Booker. 

In the 5th Congressional District, Republican Hall Rogers received 1,415 to Gerardo Serrano’s 132.  

In the 99th District for State Representative, 1,300 votes were cast for Richard White while Dennis Stafford received 253.

In the race for Justice of the Supreme Court 7th District, Robert Conley received 1,727 votes.  Sam Wright had 1,418 votes and Chris Harris received 1,352 votes.  

Finally, in the 21st Judicial Circuit, 2nd division Circuit Judge, David Allen Barber received 2,084 votes.  Elizabeth Davis received 1,123. Ashton McKenzie had 713.  Stephen Neal had 597 and Blaze Tomlin received 323 votes. The 21st Circuit covers Bath, Menifee, Montgomery and Rowan counties.