Student-Athletes Achieve High Academic Marks During Spring Semester and Year

May 15, 2020

Credit MSU Athletics

Despite an unorthodox semester with a majority of academic work from home online, Morehead State student-athletes performed exceptionally admirable for the spring 2020 semester and for the entire 2019-20 academic year.

Fifteen (15) teams had combined team grade point averages at 3.0 or better for the spring, while 13 achieved team GPAs of 3.0 or better for the entire year. Morehead State's overall department GPA was 3.43 for the spring semester and 3.28 for the year.

Women's golf posted the highest team GPA for the semester with a 3.89 and also for the year at 3.80. Baseball (3.50), Men's Cross Country/Track and Field (3.62), Soccer (3.66), Softball (3.66), Volleyball (3.73), Beach Volleyball (3.75) and Rifle (3.74) also tallied team scores of 3.5 or higher for the spring.

"Our student-athletes should be commended for their work this semester," said Director of Student-Athlete Services Drew Barnett. "They had to adapt to a new way of learning and completing their work that was not face-to-face. We stayed in contact with as many student-athletes as we could during the semester to provide guidance and mentoring. I am very proud of the work they accomplished this semester and this year."

In addition, 62 student-athletes achieved a 4.0 GPAs for the spring semester.


John Bakke, Zach Boyd, Jason Goe, Will Lozinak, Noah Matousek and Jalen Miller

Men's Cross Country / Men's Track and Field

Cody Chism, Liam Dale, Michael Dunagan, Kyle Embry, Josh Grogan, Richard Knupp, Jarrett Mattingly and Cole Ralenkotter


Cameron Barrett, Kalen Carson, Tanner Duncan, Landon Hurst, Trent Johnson, Dalton Lewis, Cam Marriott, Wilson McCraw, Jalen Miller, Connor Ott, Isiah Rose, Derrion Sanders, Preston Toner and Tyler Wells

Men's Golf

Ryan Gillum

Women's Cross Country / Women's Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field

Emma Gundler, Riliegh Owens, Carrie Staviski, Shelby Watkins and Sydney Young

Women's Golf

Bridget Connolly, Gypsie Hutchinson, Alina-Sophie Koch, Mackenzie Neal and Isabella Washka


Lindsay Anderson, Randi Hamilton, Kirya Kingery, Adeline Nicholson, Peyton Rose, Kaylin Silcox, Kenzie Silcox and Alexis Strother


Michelle Jerantowski, Katie Kiolbassa, Lauryn Kunz, Kathryn Larbes, Nicole Palmer, Katelynn Setters, Morgan Treser and Elizabeth Weber


Andrea Grimes, Hannah Keating, Peyton Kennedy, Olivia Lohmeier, Karlee Reynolds and Mia Swearingen

Beach Volleyball

Trinity Miller, Margeret Musselman

Note: All volleyball are counted as beach volleyball as well. Miller and Musselman compete in beach only.