St. Claire HealthCare participates in mass casualty emergency drill

Oct 16, 2018

Credit St. Claire HealthCare

St. Claire HealthCare along with the Morehead Fire Department, Morehead City Police, Rowan County EMS, PHI Air Medical, Rowan County Schools Transportation Department, and Rowan County Senior High School recently performed an emergency drill as a training exercise to ensure all of those involved are prepared in the event of a real mass casualty emergency.

“St. Claire and the rest of the community understand the importance of training exercises to ensure preparedness,” said Jill Grier, RN, St. Claire HealthCare Emergency Management Coordinator. “Recognizing the things that stress our normal day-to-day operations of the hospital and emergency services need to be practiced so that we are experts at it. We’re just going to keep getting better and better at it the more we practice.”

The drill was designed to simulate the aftermath of a school bus accident with approximately 19 patients. Medical students played the role of school-aged children. Participants in the training exercise were assigned fake names, ages, and specific injuries, ranging from bruises to major traumas and even received special effects make-up to create realistic wounds.

The actors were evaluated by Rowan County EMS and transferred to St. Claire Regional Medical Center where emergency medical staff jumped into action to care for the influx of patients.

(provided by St. Claire HealthCare)