Splash pad opening delayed

Jun 7, 2019

The Sheltowee Falls Splash Pad in Morehead's City Park.
Credit Leeann Akers

The opening of the new splash pad in downtown Morehead has once again been delayed.

SheltoweeFalls Splash Pad was completed late last fall, but too late in the year for residents to use it.

The city of Morehead bought five acres of land next to city park for $1-million dollars in 2017.  An additional $1-point-4 million dollars has been invested to build the splash pad, which officials hoped to open next week.

Morehead Mayor Laura White Brown says issues were discovered earlier this week.

White-Brown says if the tank has to be replaced, the splash pad opening could be pushed back into August.   The city plans to excavate the tank for a closer look next week.