Sheriff: Rowan Businesses Beware of Phone Scams

Dec 4, 2020

Credit Rowan County Sheriff's Facebook Page

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Department is warning local businesses and residents to be on the lookout for over the phone scams.

Reports have been received of a local business losing hundreds of dollars through one such scam.  The con artist contacted a store employee over the phone claiming to be with the sheriff’s department, eventually convincing the employee to purchase gift cards with store money and giving the card information to the scammer.

Chief Deputy Delmer Hall says scammers can be very convincing, often knowing information about the individual they are calling.  He says the way a con artist will go above and beyond in that sense can serve as a red flag.

Hall adds the best course of action with these scams is to be knowledgeable and proactive, saying once the money is gone, it’s gone.