Rowan Schools Set for In-person Return

Oct 15, 2020

Credit Rowan County Board of Education

The Rowan County School District is moving forward with plans to return to in-person learning this month.

Rowan Superintendent John Maxey says he’s been in several meetings with teachers, principals and administrators in preparation for the 21st.  In addition to work on the district’s end, Maxey says the new organizational dashboard developed between the Rowan County Fiscal Court, Saint Claire Healthcare and the Gateway District Health Department will go a long way as students make their way back to school buildings.

Maxey says the matrix also allows the district to continue examining the possibility of closing individual schools in the district in the event of an outbreak, but adds that would all depend on how an outbreak plays out.

Air purifiers have been installed in school cafeterias in preparation for Wednesday, and around 65% of students are set to return for in-person learning