The Reader's Notebook celebrates a milestone

Feb 17, 2020

J.D. Reeder
Credit J.D. Reeder

Merriam-Webster defines “milestone” as a landmark event or “a significant point in development.”

Marking a significant milestone, Morehead State Public Radio listeners have enjoyed more than 1200 episodes of “The Reader’s Notebook,” a locally-produced weekday almanac on the people and events of science, technology, philosophy, folklore and the arts. 

Since 2014, the series has been written and hosted by J. D. Reeder, a retired educator, historian, and regular writer, director, and performer with the Morehead Theatre Guild.  

“Researching, writing and hosting The Reader's Notebook allows me to tell stories about interesting people and important events,” said Reeder.  “Learning is always exciting, especially when you share what you've learned with others. I learn something new all the time. Even after 1200 episodes, I’m eager to learn more.”

Each episode includes vignettes about noteworthy people whose birthdays or other significant events coincide with the date of the program.

“I strive to find topics that are balanced and have broad, general appeal,” said Reeder. “Once the subjects are chosen, I use a variety of biographical resources to write, edit and trim the content to an average of 550 words, which equals about four minutes on the air.  When I started in 2014, it took an average of two hours to select, write, and revise each segment.  Now, after five and a half years, I've cut that time in half.”

Morehead State Public Radio airs The Reader’s Notebook weekdays at 9:06a.m., 12:20p.m., and 5:45p.m. Past segments are also available and archived on WMKY’s website at http://www.wmky.org

“Listeners have told me they enjoy taking a few moments to ponder the topic of the day,” said Reeder. “I also share their excitement in making new connections and uncovering new insights.”

Morehead State Public Radio (WMKY at 90.3FM) broadcasts from historic Breckinridge Hall on the campus of Morehead State University.

Additional information on the series is available by contacting Paul Hitchcock, MSPR general manager, at (606) 783-2001, e-mail at p.hitchc@moreheadstate.edu and online at http://www.wmky.org