Rajant Corporation to Expand Morehead Operations

Feb 8, 2021

Credit Rajant Corporation Facebook Page

The Rajant Corporation will be expanding its Morehead operations in the coming months.

The telecommunications company closed on the purchase of a new 48,000ft facility in the MMRC Industrial Park late last month, paving the way for increased employment and production to begin later this year.  The company originally expanded to Morehead in March 2015.

Alice Disanto is the Associate Vice President of Marketing for Rajant.  She says since that expansion, the company has found great success in the pool of workers available in the area.

Disanto says the company will be able to boost production five-fold and add around 26 new jobs once operations move into the new building.

An exact date has yet to be set, but the company is shooting for a grand opening for that facility to take place sometime this summer.