Politically Correct Death Panels Show

Aug 19, 2013

#504 Show Summary (Politically Correct Death Panels Show):

Cancer screening will change dramatically in the US over the next year, as we stop treating things that don’t kill people and start screening for lung cancer, the number one cancer killer. This show is about establishing our priorities in cancer screening. We also talk about blow darts, the benefits of coffee, and Alzheimer’s villages.

Tip: A person aged 55-79, who has smoked a pack a day for 30 years, and has quit less than 15 years ago may soon be eligible for CT screening for lung cancer. Talk to your doctor, and watch for a change in insurance coverage in the next few months.


Pediatrics article on homemade blowdart guns

Changing the words we use to describe cells that look abnormal, but won't kill you

Dementia village:  model for Alzheimer's care, or "Truman Show"?

Credit Health Matters Radio Show