No Extension for Tangible Returns

Apr 3, 2020

Editor's note:  This story has been updated to reflect corrections.  Some information provided in the origional story were incorrect.  

           While a federal extension has been made for individuals to pay their income taxes, no such deal has been made for Commonwealth residents who owe tangible return on property.  

Carmen Eldridge-Swim is the Property Valuation Administrator for Rowan County.  She says the decision is not made locally, since all counties in Kentucky adhere to a standardized tax calander.  Rowan County generally collects around 600 tangible returns each year from business owners.

Eldridge-Swim says, for now, the May 15th deadline for tangible property returns in Kentucky is still in place.  However, that could change in coming weeks.

          Eldridge-Swim is still working in the PVA office each weekday and says residents or business owners with questions should call (606)784-5512.