MSU Choirs present Dinner and Concert Fundraiser on Oct. 14

Oct 7, 2021

Credit Morehead State University

The MSU Concert Choir and Chamber Singers are hosting a Spaghetti Dinner and Fall Choral Concert entitled “Come Let’s Rejoice!”  on Thursday, October 14 at First Baptist Church, 123 East Main Street, Morehead.  

Guests can eat from 5:30 – 7:00pm with the concert beginning at 7:30pm.

The Spaghetti Dinner will include salad, bread, desserts and iced tea or water. The proceeds will go to support the choirs’ concert tour to Peru.

To reserve tickets for the dinner, leave a message with Sarah White at (937) 217-6788.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students.  Take out is available.  The concert is free.

Following dinner, the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Greg Detweiler will present “Come Let’s Rejoice!”   Chamber Singers will begin with the exuberant “Come Let’s Rejoice” by John Amner and a “Kyrie” by Josef Rheinberger.  They will continue with two songs of love, “The Coolin” by David Dickau and a new arrangement of the old popular Spanish waltz, “Tipitin” by Raul Dominguez. 

Dr. Eric Brown will be the baritone soloist for the very beautiful “The Coolin”  and junior music major, Summer Lighthall will be the soprano soloist for the delightful “Tipitin.” The ensemble will conclude their part of the program with the timely “I Dream a World” by André Thomas. Reagan Cox will provide the piano collaboration.

The theme of rejoicing will continue with Concert Choir presenting “Sililiza” by Jim Papoulis, “Forever Music” by Mark Hayes, and “I’ll Make the Difference” by Moses Hogan. “Sililiza” is a fusion piece of empowerment mixing Swahili phrases which Papoulis learned from his African mother and Spanish phrases from his current residence in New York City. “Forever Music” celebrates the power of music in our lives and ‘I’ll Make the Difference” was written as a song of hope for singers around the world.

Mr. Willian Murphy will provide the piano collaboration for several selections.  Drs. Thomas Pappas and Gina Pezzoli will join the choir with oboe and cello for “Forever Music” and percussionists Zach Smith, Keegan Devore, and Tanner Underwood will join the choir for “Sililiza.”  Music majors Katie Webb, junior, and Anna-Wray Grayson, senior, will be the soloists for “I’ll Make the Difference.”

Concert choir will also present Daniel Gawthrop’s  “Sing Me to Heaven” as a companion piece to “Forever Music” and two Marian selections, “Ave, Maris Stella” by Edvard Grieg and “Deposuit Potentes” by Antonio Vivaldi.

“This dinner concert was a very popular annual event before the pandemic and we are so happy to be able to present it again.  The Choir members enjoy serving our guests who will soon become their listeners during the concert,” Dr. Detweiler said.

Tickets and information available by calling Sarah White at: (937) 217-6788.

(provided by the MSU Choirs)