Morehead Community Recycling Center Update

Mar 23, 2020

Credit Facebook

The following message provided by the Morehead Community Recycling Center:

I want to pass along to all the Curbside participants the changes that we have made due to the recommended health and safety guidelines in order to protect the safety and well-being of our employees and also in order to flatten the curve for the spread of the Coronavirus, (Covid-19).

All these changes are also on our Facebook page and our website at: http://moreheadrecycling.org

1. Pick-up Services will continue for Curbside Residential & Business, thus far. However, customers must sort their discarded recyclables. This will help enormously, in protecting our employees and to reduce the amount of re-sorting and the numerous times our employees must handle the community’s discarded recyclable waste.

2. Separating your items into 3 groups will help to reduce the number of times we have to handle and sort the recycling waste. Our drivers will have large containers placed on the truck so they can place the collected items directly into the correct recycling bin for transporting back to the Center.

A. Cardboard & Paper

B. #1 & #2 Plastics

C. Metals

3. Unwanted Items: non-recycling material/Trash or non-separated recyclables will not be separated and will not be picked up by our drivers. In order to protect their health and safety moving forward.

4. Only Employees and Authorized Volunteers will be allowed to enter the bldg. However, we will still allow exceptions when customers need paper shredding service. Customers must call to schedule an appointment for the shredding service.

5. Authorized Volunteers: Until further notice we will not be allowing any additional volunteers to participate at the Center. Except for the six Authorized Volunteers we now have, and not all of them will participate at the same time.

6. Trailers: The mobile community recycling trailers will not be available until further notice.

7. Drop-off Location Remains Open: As always, we offer our 24/7 drive through drop-off facility for your convenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, as we all are facing new changes and challenges in order to make our community a safer place moving forward during this crisis.

Thank you,

Gardner J. May, Manager

Morehead Community Recycling Center