Mark O’ Polio show

Sep 4, 2013

#505 Show Summary (Mark O’ Polio show):

25 healthcare workers have been murdered in the past 12 months, while trying to vaccinate young people for polio in Third World countries. We salute them and other healthcare workers for their sacrifices while trying to take care of our health. Unfortunately, a Health Matters salute consists of a show filled with offbeat medical tips, such as how to remove your manly part from a zipper, the beer most likely to send you to the emergency room, and the penalties of being a firstborn.

Tip: According to Dr. Steven M. Selbst, professor and vice chair of pediatrics at Jefferson Medical College, mineral oil is the key to getting your manly part out of the zipper.  “You want to just pour mineral oil all over the patient’s genitalia and the zipper," Selbst said. "Be generous – that’s the key. This is pretty cheap stuff. Then let the patient sit there for 20 or 30 minutes. Pack him in a room somewhere. When you come back, the foreskin will have simply slipped out of that zipper, although in some cases you may need a cotton swab to help it along a bit." (Huffington Post).



The Johns Hopkins emergency room study of alcohol brand use

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Being a firstborn may alter your risk of heart disease


Credit Health Matters Radio Show