KY Secretary of State Michael Adams visits Morehead

Sep 2, 2021

Secretary of State Michael Adams speaking at Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce luncheon 9-2-21
Credit Tanner Boyd

Kentucky’s Secretary of State gave an update on the Commonwealth’s voting systems today.

Michael Adams spoke during the September Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, where he discussed the bi-partisan efforts to expand voting in Kentucky.  Many changes were made to accommodate voters amid the pandemic during the 2020 General Election.  But with the success of that process in Kentucky, a bi-partisan effort was made to leave many of those changes in place, with House Bill 574 being signed into law by Governor Andy Beshear back in April.

During the event, Adams said things didn’t go as smoothly in other states, often leaving citizens feeling disenfranchised.  The Secretary of State says one way that was avoided in Kentucky was by not having a think tank or interest group write the election procedures.

  Adams also cited only one instance of a voter attempting to vote twice during that election, adding there were fewer reported irregularities overall compared to previous elections.

Adams' full speech can be heard below.