Kentucky Unemployment System Thwarts Cyberattack

Feb 27, 2021
Originally published on February 25, 2021 11:14 pm

Officials say no claimant data was obtained during a cyberattack on the state's unemployment system website on Wednesday, but the unemployment office is continuing to monitor the situation.

The attempt to flood the unemployment site with random login names was unsuccessful, but the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, the Labor Cabinet, and the state's technology office are keeping a close eye on the system.

Gov. Beshear's general counsel, Amy Cubbage, said efforts to breach the database are not unexpected, given the increased resources being poured into unemployment systems.

"Even though these attacks are going to happen, particularly with the federal programs that have so many dollars available, our office was able to fend off that attack and keep the system only down for about an hour," she reported Thursday.

As an added layer of security, the UI office employed a captcha system, which is used to counter spam and automated attempts to extract data. Cubbage said there have been no reports of users having any issues accessing the site.

Security breaches of the unemployment system in 2020 did result in some filers being able to view other claimants' information. 

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