Keeneland Predicts Increased Sales

Aug 1, 2013

Credit Keeneland

Keeneland will see an increase in the number of yearling thoroughbreds in the sales ring this September.  Its catalogue, which was released this week, lists three-hundred more horses than were auctioned-off last September.  Keeneland Vice President of Sales Walt Robertson says the increase comes despite the smallest crop of foals in North America in modern times...

“We figured that we would probably be down somewhat but, we’re happy to be up and I think it’s just a higher percentage of the people are putting their horses on the market this year.” --Walt Robertson

With fewer foals, Robertson says ‘supply and demand’ is working in Keeneland’s favor.  This September Sale will see high dollar horses spread throughout the first few days.  Robertson says some 130 horses were sold the first day last September.

“This year we’re gonna have a large book one and sell it over four days.  Seems like buyers and sellers would rather have you know the best we’ve got spread out over four days,” added Robertson.

This September, Keeneland will auction off just over three thousand horses.  The auctions begin September 9th.