Health Matters 500: What Went Wrong? Show

Jul 22, 2013

#500 Show Summary (Health Matters 500: What Went Wrong? Show):

The lawyers are preparing their closing arguments, and a Senate subcommittee will open hearings next week – how did Health Matters get on the air? And how have we stayed on the air for 10 years? Health Matters marks our 10 year anniversary with a look back, devastating news on prescription narcotic drugs, and a glimmer of hope regarding deaths from all-terrain vehicles.

Tip: over the past 10 years, 48,000 women have died from prescription narcotic overdoses. No matter what the benefit of these drugs, it is extremely hard to justify their existence scientifically.


The CDC on narcotic painkiller overdoses

Pediatrics article on ATV injuries

Mexico surpasses US as most obese country


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