Grant Alden's Field Notes: 1955 (May 28th @ 8pm and May 29th @ 3pm)

May 28, 2021

Credit cartalk.com

Imagine that it is 1955, you are driving around in a fine automobile, with no particular place to go, and nothing better to do than listen to Grant Alden's Field Notes.

For two glorious hours.

It is the birth of rock 'n' roll, that moment before Elvis was King, when Little Richard was still finding his voice, and George Jones had his first hit. It's the golden age of gospel, the blues have gone electric, and the air is rich with possibilities.

Two hours of the best music from 1955. Only on Grant Alden's Field Notes…May 28th @ 8pm and May 29th @ 3pm...only on Morehead State Public Radio.