Fundraiser for Displaced Residents Begins

Jan 14, 2021

The North Fork Mobile Home Park hosts around 60 homes, which will need to be moved for a newly proposed retail development
Credit Ashley Skaggs

Residents of the North Fork Mobil home park began hearing rumors in September about a new retail development to be built in place of their homes. Community leaders created a Tax Increment Financing District to help the project move forward, but the property has yet to be sold, and residents have relied city and county meetings for information.

Ashley Skaggs used to live in the park and has organized a go fund me to help residents with moving expenses. She says many of the residents are unable to afford the $5,000 moving fee, even though property owners have offered to chip in $1,000 per home to the moving company.

  Skaggs says moving company representatives have reported some of the homes are unable to be moved, leaving residents with very few options, and no financial assistance. 

Although no official notice has been given to residents, they believe they will have to move or abandon their homes by March 31st.  To donate, visit the North Fork Mobil Home Park Moving Fund .