Dr. Larry Goldstein show

Oct 19, 2016

Kentucky ranks eighth in the nation in our rate of stroke; we lose over 2000 Kentuckians every year to this disease. The risk factors are very similar to those for heart disease and include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. We can do a much better job preventing strokes if we understand what causes them. Dr. Larry Goldstein, Chair of the Department of Neurology at UK is our guest.

Tip: the way to remember stroke symptoms is BE FAST – B for balance problems or difficulty walking, E for eye problems or loss of vision, F for drooping of the face, A for weakness of the arm, S for difficulty speaking or understanding spoken word. T is for timing – it is critical to call 911 immediately if you have sudden onset of the symptoms.


Dr. Larry Goldstein

The BE FAST method for diagnosing a stroke

The Kentucky plan to prevent stroke and heart disease