Dr. Eric Higgins “Retina World We Thinking?" Show

Nov 13, 2013

#515 Show Summary (Dr. Eric Higgins “Retina World We Thinking? Show):

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss in working-age Americans.  Dr. Higgins, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at UK, is using an automatic camera to transmit images of the patient’s retina, diagnosing diabetic eye disease while saving time and money.  You should see about this show.  We just kill ourselves with the funny puns sometimes.

Tip:  For diabetes—3 (or 4) numbers, two body parts.  Check BP, cholesterol, and hemoglobin A1c.  Examine feet every visit, and eyes annually.


Dr. Eric Higgins

Facts about diabetic retinopathy from the NIH

The  Centervue camera


Credit Health Matters Radio Show