Democratic Candidates For Rowan County Clerk On Possible Media Frenzy, Protests

Apr 25, 2018

David Ermold, left; Elwood Caudill, Jr, center; Jamey Jessee, right.
Credit Addie Hogan for The Morehead News and The Trailblazer

Rowan County’s Democratic candidates for County Clerk are preparing for potential national media interest in the race.

The candidates discussed the possibility of media attention and protests similar to the 2015 controversy involving current County Clerk Kim Davis’ refusal to sign marriage licenses.

David Ermold spoke at the Democratic primary forum on Tuesday…

Ermold says the county should work on promoting a positive message. His opponents, Elwood Caudill and Jamey Jessee, echoed his sentiments.

The candidate who wins the primary on May 22nd will face Kim Davis in the general election.