Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday

Nov 5, 2021

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Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday (November 7) at 2:00a.m. Remember to set your clocks backward one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.

It’s also recommended to change batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms. Check batteries in media devices, children's toys, and other items such as flashlights, garage door openers and clocks.

Inspect first aid kits in your home and car, replacing outdated or missing items. Update emergency phone numbers and review your family's emergency plan. Consider replacing conventional bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent or LCD bulbs. 

Prepare your vehicle for the winter by changing wiper blades, oil and filters (oil and air). Check your car battery, coolant, brake fluid, and tire pressure-rotating the tires as needed.

Clean out your closets, garage and storage areas, donating any slightly used items in good condition to local social service agencies. Consider the environment and recycle old batteries, light bulbs, medicines and other items.

Contact your local Health Department or County Extension Office for more information on tips to prepare your home for the fall and winter months.