Dallas Burrow

Aug 11, 2021

Dallas Burrow
Credit Dallas Burrow

Muddy Bottom Blues

Program #256 (August 13 at 8:00pm and August 14 at 3:00pm)

Born and raised in Texas, Dallas Burrow has travelled across the United States with a head full of songs and a thirst for thrills. Along the way, somewhere between the childhood guitar lessons he received from his father (a blood brother of Townes Van Zandt and friend of Guy Clark) and the vagabond whirlwind of his 20s, he built his own brand of American roots music.

It’s a sound rooted in folk, shaped by classic country, and heavily influenced by the Texan craftsmen who'd come before him. Dallas Burrow has proudly picked-up the torch, carrying Texas' songwriting tradition forward.

(provided by Dallas Burrow)