Crews remain in plows clearing roads

Jan 17, 2018

Credit Kentucky Department of Transportation

Below zero temperatures didn’t keep District 9 snow plow crews from their appointed rounds overnight.

Crews in Bath, Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Nicholas and Rowan counties pushed as much snow as they could off back roads, cleaned up Priority A route medians and shoulders, replaced plow blades and did other maintenance work.

Crews will remain on 12-hour shifts, and continue salting and plowing today working toward clear roads with the help of warming temps, and hopefully some sun. Until then, it’s best to consider all roads slick, and avoid travel if possible.

As of 9 a.m., road conditions vary across the northeast Kentucky region. In general, most main Priority A routes are clear with areas of slick slush - especially at intersections. Some might be clear only in wheel tracks.

Interstate 64 is clear in both lanes, but slush possible. All other highways are considered mostly covered with snow, with some clearing in wheel tracks. Air temps average 6 degrees, with pavement only slightly higher. Ice is likely.

While conditions are expected to improve throughout the day, arctic temperatures mean salt is not as effective. It will take time to clear, but snowfighters will get the job done. We appreciate the public’s patience.

(provided by Kentucky Department of Transportation)