"Cockeyed" Opens at Pioneer Playhouse

Aug 5, 2013

Credit Pioneer Playhouse/Central Kentucky Entertainment

The Pioneer Playhouse production of ‘Cockeyed’ begins Tuesday night on the Danville stage.  It’s a romantic-comedy about a philosophy major who turns accountant.  Joining the cast is a theater professor from Eastern Kentucky University.  EKU’s Steven Higgonbotham sees his work in Danville as clearing a path for his theater students.

“I’m hoping that, over the course of the next few years, maybe this might be a good opportunity for some of our students to interview with them for some of their technical positions, or audition for them for some of their upcoming parts in summer shows, that we could really continue to build this relationship that has been there a little bit in the past.  Maybe we can secure it a little bit more.” --Steven Higgonbotham

Higgonbotham plays the part of a high-powered businessman in “Cockeyed.”   Before taking to lecturing, the Cleveland native toured the nation, playing the part of ‘Big Bird’ in Sesame Street Live.  Higgonbotham says it’s a far cry from his latest character.

Higgonbotham says students benefit from apprenticeships at venues like the Danville outdoor theater and hopes that relationships can only grow stronger in the years ahead.  “Cockeyed” runs at Pioneer Playhouse through August 17th.